The Perfect Shades 24/7, 365 Days a Year

The Perfect Shades 24/7, 365 Days a Year

A day at the beach, a long day in the office, a night shiftthere are certain days when you really only need one kind of eye protection. But most of the timebetween work, early mornings, late nights, weekend activities and everything in betweenyou need to protect your vision in more ways than one. 

Those days were what we had in mind when we created our Eagle Eyes Systems: one lightweight frame, multiple lens technologies. Here are a few of the ways we find them useful throughout the year. 

Winter Work Days: 4in1

In the winter months, it's not uncommon to commute to work in daylight and head home in complete darkness. And "daylight" can range from the bright, blinding light reflecting off of icy snowbanks to a muted light that seems almost grayish. With four different lens technologiesTriLenium® Polarized, Night-Lite®, StimuLight® and DigiTec™our 4in1 System provides the protection you need, whether you're driving in on a sunny morning, camped out in front of the computer's blue light during the day, getting some fresh air around sunset, facing inclement weather on the road, or night driving on the way home.

Evening Movies in the Summer: 3in1

An air-conditioned movie theater is a great escape during the dog days of summer, and it's especially nice when the movie ends at night and the temperatures have dropped. With any of our 3in1 Systems, you're set from start to finish with TriLenium® sunglasses for the trip to the theater, DigiTec blue light blocking glasses to block blue light emissions during the flick, and non-polarized Night-Lite night driving glasses for the trip home. The newest addition to our 3in1 Systems are the especially stylish 3in1 Vintage Round and 3in1 Rectangle.

Outdoor Activities in Fall and Spring: 2in1

From camping and hiking to sailing and fishing, there are a ton of outdoor activities that begin at one time of day or night. With our 2in1 System, you'll have glasses for night driving or low light enhancement and sun protection developed from original NASA optic technology, in one lightweight frame.

From busy days and nights to a lazy afternoon in front of the TV, our Systems will expand and protect your vision every day of the year in any light or weather condition.