Lens Technology


All electronic devices with screens emit blue light, and the longer we sit staring at our computer or phone screens the more blue light our eyes absorb. All of us have experienced the milder symptoms of blue light exposure in the form of dry and tired eyes. But prolonged exposure to blue light, even as little as seven hours per day, is serious. It can disrupt our sleep cycles by interrupting our melatonin production and, even more severely, result in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which includes headaches, muscle strain, and blurred vision...and that's not fun!

Fortunately, Eagle Eyes Digital glasses are both stylish and protective. Featuring our “natural light” DigiTec® lens technology, we utilize a crystal filter to significantly protect against blue light emissions and UV radiation, safely keeping you in front of your devices for longer periods of time throughout the day.

The Anatomy of a DigiTec® Lens*

Our exclusive DigiTec® lenses are specially designed to block and filter blue light from e-devices and augment the color contrast between objects. With an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and cut harsh light, these lenses help to reduce the digital eyestrain caused by looking at computer screens and digital devices for long periods of time.

*The layers shown above are representative of the majority of Digitec® glasses. There are a few exceptions. Please see the individual product descriptions for final lens features.

Lab Proven Comprehensive Protection

Our Digitec® lenses are built to significantly prevent the damage blue light can cause. In addition to suppressing the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, high levels of exposure to blue light can lead to macular degeneration, frequent headaches, and blurred vision. Our Digitec filters and coatings work together so you can safely work longer.

VLT of 1% means very dark glasses and a VLT of 100% means all the light is getting through and the lens is therefore a ‘clear lens’. The percentages shown above are approximate based on our lab test results in a controlled environment. They are subject to change based on different variables.