What is polarization?

Sunlight itself is not polarized, however sunlight will either be absorbed or reflected horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Reflections from the sun that bounce off a horizontal surface strike our eyes at a similar angle which, in turn, means glare from the surface of the water, car hood while driving and road will be strong.

The surface of polarized lenses contain vertical stripes which only allow vertically-polarized light to enter our eyes. Glare is eliminated because the horizontally-polarized light waves cannot bypass the polarized filter and a reduction of glare is more noticeable. As glare can easily distort the color and objects, polarization is preferred by most sunglass-wearers, especially on bright, sunny days.

What makes Eagle Eyes® different than other sunglasses?

Some sunglasses give the appearance of good eye protection merely because they are dark; however, don’t let dark lenses be the deciding factor if you are looking for maximum eye protection.

Eagle Eyes® go beyond most ordinary sunglasses in the marketplace. Our certified, award-winning TriLenium™ lenses offer Broad Spectrum Polarization™ developed from original NASA optic technology. This space-transfer technology is specifically designed to block out 99.9% of the sun’s vision-destroying light (UVA, UVB plus blue and violet light); and allow in vision-enhancing light rays (green, yellow, orange, red) and provide approximately 22% light transmission across the visible spectrum from 400-650nm (nanometer). The result? Superb protection, contrast, clarity and definition – Guaranteed!

What is UV and Blue Light?

UV light is the part of the sun’s invisible wavelength spectrum which ranges from 380-200nm (nanometer) and is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is filtered out by the earth’s ozone layer; however, UVA and UVB have been shown to be harmful to human health. Blue-Light is the light with wavelengths in the 500- 381nm range. Advanced studies now indicate that the retina strongly absorbs blue-light rays and may be a major factor in the destruction of photoreceptor cells, which in turn, can lead to vision loss. Unfortunately, most individuals realize this too late in life, and only when their vision starts to diminish. As 80% of damage to our retina is estimated to occur before the age of eighteen, our goal is to help individuals recognize the benefits of early protection against UVA, UVB and blue-light exposure so that they can lead a more active, productive and independent life way into their later years.

What materials are used in the manufacture of Eagle Eyes® lenses?

Eagle Eyes® lenses are made from polycarbonate and a material known as tri-acetate cellulose.

What will I notice when I wear Eagle Eyes®?

Some individuals are used to wearing dark tinted sunglasses for style or because they feel that the darker the lens, the more protection they are getting. But don’t let “just color” be the deciding factor in making your choice for good eye protection. Darkly-colored lenses may offer little protection – sometimes no – eye protection, and can actually darken and blur your vision, making it hard to see.

Eagle Eyes® special lens filter provides you with a whole new view of your world and its surroundings! You’ll notice an exceptionally clear distinction of clarity, contrast and definition - beyond ordinary sunglasses. Your eyes become immediately relaxed with no need to strain or squint.

How was the Eagle Eyes® lens technology developed?

The origin of Eagle Eyes® began with initial research conducted at NASA. When America’s space programs began, NASA had to figure out a way to protect the eyes of astronauts while they worked in space. Independent studies by NASA’s JPL scientists revealed that the eyes of eagles and other birds of prey contain special oil droplets that selectively filter out harmful light; while allowing in other light rays, which explained the reason why these remarkable birds can distinguish small prey – even from miles away. This same selective- filtering capability was later duplicated into what is now known as Eagle Eyes® TriLenium® Lens Technology with Broad Spectrum Polarization.

What earned Eagle Eyes® the Space Foundation certification?

Eagle Eyes’ TriLenium® Lens Technology was based on years of scientific research. Recommended and worn by board certified ophthalmologists, pro- sports figures, celebrities and American astronauts, Eagle Eyes was certified in 2007 by the U.S. Space Foundation as the ONLY sunglass lens certified by this prestigious organization. Look for the Space Foundation Seal – found ONLY on Eagle Eyes TriLenium® Polarized Sunglasses – your guarantee of maximum protection and vision enhancement.

What earned Eagle Eyes® the NASA / Space Foundation technology hall of fame award?

In 2010, Eagle Eyes’ technology, along with NASA, received further accolades by being inducted into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame Award. A prestigious panel of judges from across the world spent painstaking hours and months reviewing the studies, the modes of action our lens technology holds, the patents upon which they were based, and several other critical factors that gained Eagle Eyes this most honorable induction. In fact, Eagle Eyes is the 62nd inductee into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame and is honored along with such well-known space-transfer technologies as Lasik, TempurPedic and the DuBakey Blood Pump.

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