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TriLenium® Blue Light Blocking Polarized Sunglasses

Expand Your Vision

Developed from Original NASA Optic Technology

Eagle Eyes® was developed from original NASA Optic Technology and is Certified Space Technology. The technology behind TriLenium® lenses was originally developed by NASA to protect astronaut’s eyes during space missions.
Eagle Eyes’ TriLenium® lenses are the only sunglass lenses to meet the rigorous criteria of the Space Foundation. They’re not only certified by the Space Foundation for UV and blue light eye protection, they’ve been inducted into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame.

Blocks Blue Light and 99.9% of UV Radiation

TriLenium® is Eagle Eyes’ original blue light blocking polarized lens. It protects your eyes, by blocking blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation, while expanding your vision. UVA and UVB can cause cataracts that may damage your retinas. Scattered blue light could increase your risk of macular degeneration. Eagle Eyes’ TriLenium® lenses block all three types of damaging radiation.

Vision Enhancing Polarization

TriLenium® lenses are polarized, to significantly reduce glare and improve and expand your vision in bright situations. With TriLenium® polarized sunglasses, you’ll be able to see more comfortably in bright situations and cut through glare on the water, on the golf course and in many other situations.

2X Scratch-Guard™

Every TriLenium® lens is coated on with Eagle Eyes’ exclusive 2X Scratch-Guard™ protective coating, protecting both the outside and inside of the lens from scratches and prolonging the lifespan of your investment in your vision.

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