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StimuLight® Low Light Vision Enhancement

Expand Your Vision

Contrast Enhancement

StimuLight® low light vision boosters enhance definition and contrast, to improve visual acuity in dim lighting. They're designed to expand your vision in a variety of situations, from hiking through the fog to driving through a rainstorm. Our exclusive micro-infused amber lenses provide enhanced visual definition and contrast. This helps to improve your ability to distinguish objects in situations where that can be difficult.

Improve Clarity and Definition

The optical grade Anti-Reflective coating on the StimuLights® provides enhanced contrast and improves definition and clarity in low light conditions like dusk or dawn, or in rainy, hazy or foggy weather.

2X Scratch-Guard™

Every StimuLight® lens is coated on with Eagle Eyes’ exclusive 2X Scratch-Guard™ protective coating. This works to protect both the outside and inside of the lens from scratches, prolonging the lifespan of your investment in your vision.

UV & Blue Light Blocking

StimuLight® lenses protected your eyes from UV radiation that can cause cataracts and retinal damage, as well as scattered blue light that has been linked to macular degeneration.

Reduced Eye Fatigue

By cutting glare and improving contrast, StimuLight® lenses help to relax and renew tired, overworked eyes.

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