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Night-Lite® Night Driving Glasses

Expand Your Vision

High-Intensity Light Filtration

Our Night-Lite® night driving glasses filter out high-intensity glare from oncoming cars, street-lights and billboards, while enhancing clarity and visual acuity for night driving. Night-Lite® Night Driving lenses are designed to filter out high-intensity light can temporarily blind you in night-driving situations. You’ll no longer have to worry about losing your night vision due to oncoming cars and other bright lights.

Glare Reduction

The optical grade Anti-Reflective coating on Night-Lite® lenses helps to cut glare, working to protect your vision from distortion and help you see better.

Contrast Enhancement

Our exclusive micro-infused yellow lenses provide enhanced visual definition and contrast. This helps to improve your ability to detect and distinguish objects when driving at night.

Cuts Glare and Harsh Light

Night-Lite® lenses protect your eyes from UV radiation that can cause cataracts and retinal damage, as well as scattered blue light that has been linked to macular degeneration.

2X Scratch-Guard™

Every Night-Lite® lens is coated on with Eagle Eyes’ exclusive 2X Scratch-Guard™ protective coating. This works to protect both the outside and inside of the lens from scratches, prolonging the lifespan of your investment in your vision.

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