Why Are Some Lenses Tinted Yellow?

Why Are Some Lenses Tinted Yellow?

If darker tinted glasses are used to protect against glare and harmful UV emissions, and clear lenses help block blue light emissions and reduce glare and digital eye strain, what do yellow lenses do? Commonly referred to as "night driving glasses," the yellow tint of our Night-Lite® lenses and the amber tint of our low light glasses are designed to enhance vision, clarity, and definition in low light conditions. Made with Eagle Eyes' advanced optic technology, our specially designed NL and SL glasses have a wide variety of uses.

Yellow Lens Glasses for Night Vision Driving

night driving glasses

Eagle Eyes exclusive Night-Lite® technology uses micro-infused non-polarized yellow lenses to provide optimal clarity and definition for nighttime driving. The anti-reflective coating on these lenses reduces high-intensity glare from the bright lights that light up the sky after dark: headlights, LED signage, floodlights and many others.

Night-Lite® glasses have proven exceptionally useful for night driving. Not only do they increase contrast and definition after dark, but they also soften the harsh light from oncoming traffic and LED signs. (For more tips on safe driving at night, check out this blog post.)

While Night-Lite® glasses are an outstanding copilot for night travel via car, truck, plane or boat, they can be used in many other scenarios, including:

  • Night fishing, hunting or shooting
  • Evening sports games or concerts
  • Running, walking or biking at night
  • Exploring new (and old) neighborhoods and cities after dusk

Improve Your Night Vision With These Night-Lite® Glasses

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Low Light Vision Glasses

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Our StimuLight® optic technology was designed specifically for the in-between times -- dusk, dawn, a foggy morning or a cloudy afternoon -- indoors and outdoors. There are plenty of times during the day and evening when there is some light, but not enough to clearly focus.

The amber tint of our StimuLight® non-polarized lenses enhances your vision, providing increased contrast and definition in low light conditions, while also fighting the scattered blue light that leads to eyestrain. Plus, their anti-reflective coating cuts distracting glare indoors and outdoors.

StimuLight® can transform your daily activities, adding unparalleled contrast and definition to:

  • Day driving, especially during rainy or gray winter months
  • Using blue light-emitting screens like computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Watching television
  • Reading books, magazines or newspapers in low light
  • Running, hiking, walking or biking at dusk

Enhance Your Vision With These Low Light Glasses

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