Low Light Vision Enhancement

Our Stimulight® low light vision boosters enhance definition and contrast, to improve visual acuity in dim lighting. 

When driving in rainy, hazy or foggy weather, do you struggle to see? Is it challenging to read a menu in a dim restaurant? What about taking a walk at dawn or dusk? Having trouble with visual acuity in low light can affect many people, but you don't have to just live with it.

With Stimulight® low light vision enhancer, you can literally see a difference in the definition and contrast compared to the naked eye. Made with micro-infused amber lenses, our Stimulight® line can make using your computer, reading and driving easier, no matter what the weather is like outside or what time of day it is.

With Stimulight®, you get functionality without compromising style. Eagle Eyes Optics® gives you a range of glass shapes to fit your taste, needs and lifestyle. Choose from our selection of glasses or attachments to help you distinguish objects and keep you safe in low-light conditions.

Lifestyle Glasses for Dim Light

Who says you have to sacrifice style with specialty glasses? Our Stimulight® low light boosters are available in different types to give you flexibility with use.

Do you need a sporty pair of amber lenses to help you on early morning bike rides? Go with our Extreme SL with a full stainless steel frame to stand up to whatever life throws your way.

If you prefer rimless glasses, choose our Ultralite® SL option. They are so lightweight; you may forget you are wearing them!

If you have other visual needs, consider our 4-in-1 Eyewear System, which features a black magnetic frame and interchangeable clip-ons for computer use, night driving, sunny days at the beach and everything in between.

Dim Light Eyewear Fit-Overs and Clip-Ons

If you already have everyday prescription lenses, you may not want to replace them with amber lenses. We also have ClipOn Contemporary SL and FitOn® SL that work with your existing frames.

Our FitOn® glasses slide comfortably over your glasses for a boost of definition in dim settings, while our clip-on accessories give you the benefits of better vision with a simple clip-on design that works with most modern frames.