Winter Sunglasses And Beyond: What You Need To Know

Winter Sunglasses And Beyond: What You Need To Know

The air is crisper, the days are shorter, and the chilliest time of year is just around the corner. For some, this may mean spending as little time outside as possible and making the shift to a more “indoor” lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon your protective eyewear.

If you’re wondering what shades work best in the winter, you’ve come to the right place. This post breaks down the protective elements you’ll need from your eyewear this time of year, and offers suggestions that work from both a functional and fashionable standpoint.

Winter Sunglasses

Sure, you may be spending less time outside, and winter’s shorter days are often accompanied by an overcast sky, but the sun is still the sun. Even the cloudiest skies still let through 80% of UV rays. Protecting your eyes from UVA/UVB rays and harmful blue light is of prime importance, no matter what degree of sun exposure you’re getting.

All of our sunglasses come equipped with NASA-optic polarized TriLenium® lenses, which block 99.9% of all UVA and UVB radiation from the sun and filter out harmful blue light.

Style Spotlight:

Now that you have the scoop on the lens technology behind our polarized sunglasses, we thought we’d get into the aesthetic side of things. Winter wardrobes are generally more structured and buttoned-up than their warm-weather counterparts, so you’ll want shades that give an air of sophistication as they protect your eyes. We recommend solid black or tortoiseshell frames over metal or brightly colored ones — styles that feel substantial and classic rather than light and airy. Here are some nice winter options:

Men’s Winter Sunglasses:
Cabriolet, Juno, Rambler

Women’s Winter Sunglasses:
Halley, Luna, Bianca

Unisex Winter Sunglasses:
Razz, Casey, Blake


Anti-Glare Sunglasses

If you live in a snowy area or partake in snow sports, you’ll need extra protection from the bright, white glare you’ll be dealing with. Our TriLenium® 10 series of glasses includes an extra anti-reflective coating that significantly reduces dangerous glare that can lead to both temporary and more permanent vision impairments.

Our TriLenium® 10 lenses are available in both traditional sunglass and clip-on styles.
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Night Glasses

On the flip side, shorter days mean longer nights; i.e., more time spent in the dark. Darkness obviously reduces visibility — making it harder to see in general — but it also makes bright lights from headlights, streetlamps and signage more difficult for the eye to process. Our Night-Lite® lenses filter out high-intensity glare while softening harsh lights to enhance clarity and visual acuity. They make an excellent companion to night driving or any other evening activity that involves high-contrast lighting. 

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Winter is coming, and so are the holidays! The best gift? Healthy eyes! Consider gifting Eagle Eyes glasses to your loved ones this holiday season. Choose from our myriad styles, or purchase a gift certificate here. They’ll see the light either way.