4 Ways Eagle Eyes’ FitOn® Glasses Help People with Prescription Glasses

4 Ways Eagle Eyes’ FitOn® Glasses Help People with Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are obviously essential to anyone with vision problems, but they also come with their own set of challenges. For glasses wearers, it’s difficult enough to find the right solution for sun protection, but solutions for screens, low light, and night vision are virtually non-existent.

Fortunately, Eagle Eyes has the answer: FitOn® glasses. These unique frames fit over any standard pair of prescription lenses, delivering all of the benefits Eagle Eyes is known for, without requiring a new prescription. Here, we outline the top 4 reasons FitOn® styles are great for people with glasses.

1. They Help Keep Your Vision Healthy

Our environment is full of conditions that are tough on the eyes. From the sun’s harsh UV rays to the intense glare reflected from headlights at night, to the relentless blue light that emanates from our digital devices, exposure to life’s daily elements can stress, strain, and in some cases, permanently damage one’s vision.

When you rely on prescription glasses to see, your options for protection from these stressors are pretty limited. You could purchase multiple pairs of specialty prescription glasses, but that’s a very costly solution, and many of these concerns aren’t even addressed in standard prescription lenses. Fortunately, Eagle Eyes offers FitOn® glasses in all of its vision-protecting variations:

First, our FitOn® sunglasses feature the same Polarized TriLenium® lenses as our other sunglasses – the NASA-grade lens technology that reduces glare, increases contrast, and blocks blue light and 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.

Next, the FitOn® DigiTec® glasses are fortified with an anti-reflective coating that cuts glare and harsh light that can contribute to digital eye strain and dryness. Aside from being uncomfortable, chronic eye strain and dryness has been linked to a variety of issues, including sleep cycle disturbances and macular degeneration.

Third, our FitOn® Night-Lite® glasses feature an anti-glare lens technology that’s perfect for nighttime driving situations, with a yellow lens that softens the intensity from headlights, high beams, and LED signage while enhancing clarity and definition.

And finally, the FitOn® StimuLight® glasses help to optimize vision in low light situations (dawn, dusk, dimly lit indoor spaces, etc.) and reduce stress and strain on the eyes.

With FitOn® styles, prescription wearers can get all of these benefits without having to remove or switch out their frames.

2. They’re Affordable

Depending on your insurance plan, prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars, especially when you add in specialty features like scratch-guard, light transitioning, bi-focal or tri-focal abilities, and more. Replicating the technology of your prescription glasses for sunglasses is costly enough, but trying to find versions of your prescription glasses for digital protection, night driving, and low light is completely impractical, if not impossible. Fortunately, each of our FitOn® styles retails for less than $50, and we offer a 3-in-1 FitOn® option for $89.95. That’s more benefits than you can find in prescription lenses for significantly less than the cost of one pair.

3. They Comfortably Protect Your Glasses

Because they rest comfortably on top of your glasses, our FitOn® styles act as a shield that protects your valuable prescription glasses underneath. Plus, several of our FitOn® varieties feature scratch-guarded lenses on top of their eye protecting benefits. 

Another benefit? Full protection from the elements. FitOn® glasses provide full side and overhead coverage, blocking your eyes from dust, pollen, air particulates, and airborne illness. They’re also super lightweight and designed to securely fit a wide array of face shapes. You won’t need to worry about slippage, heaviness, or feelings of discomfort as you move throughout your day.

4. A Custom Fit For Everyone

Eagle Eyes’ FitOn® glasses are designed to seamlessly blend in with your personal style. They’re comfortable, snug, and suitable for a wide array of face shapes. Our sunglasses and digital glasses even come in a Sleek variety so you can decide which shape works best with your wardrobe.

All of our FitOn® styles can be found here:


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