FitOn® DT



Finally, you don’t have to choose between your prescription and protecting your eyes from blue light emissions – with FitOn® DT, you can have both. These premium, custom-made glasses use deposition lens technology to block blue light emissions and UV rays – and they’re specially designed to fit comfortably over your prescription eyewear.


  • Frame Material: Techlon™ Polycarbonate
  • Frame Style: Full
  • Lens Technology: DigiTec® Non-Polarized
  • Activity: Computer and Digital Devices
  • Included Accessories: As shown above
  • Recommended Use: Computer/eDevices


  • Lens Width: 63mm
  • Lens Height: 42mm
  • Bridge: 16mm
  • Temple: 128mm


Centuries ago, around the year 1290, the first pair of prescription eyeglasses were made in Northern Italy. The ingenious developers of the first eyeglasses could have never imagined how far optic technology would advance in the next few hundred years – and how vastly the needs of eyeglass wearers would change.

Today, more than 83% of Americans report spending at least two hours a day in front of a computer, tablet or smart phone screen, and many frequently experience the uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS): eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and shoulder or neck pain.

Until now, prescription eyeglass wearers concerned about blue light emissions had to either buy a separate pair of glasses for screen time or invest in a new pair of prescription glasses with expensive, blue light blocking lenses. With our durable FitOn® DT frames, you don’t have to choose between your protection and your prescription – you can have both. Each pair of FitOn® DT glasses is equipped with high-performance DigiTec® lenses, which use “natural light” deposition lens technology to block blue light emissions and harmful UV radiation. The lenses’ anti-reflective coating cuts distracting glare and helps you see more clearly, extending screen time for hours.

Plus, if you order directly from Eagle Eyes, your pair of FitOn® DT lenses will arrive with a free microfiber soft cleaning case to help keep your advanced optical technology protected.

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