The 5 Biggest Trends in Fall Clothing, Fashion Eyewear and More!

Fashion Eyewear

Summer is ending, and that means it will soon be time to pack away those shorts and tanks. If you’re a lover of all things pumpkin spice, leaves and scarves, you’ve probably been anticipating the shift since mid-August. Get yourself prepared for the season with the top five fall trends — everything from fashion eyewear to the most relatable outfits from Fashion Week — to add a little spark to your look.

1. The Color Red

Fall Fashion

Finally a trend you can actually take directly from New York Fashion Week (unlike those leisure suits). Red has been on the hot list for a while now, and it doesn’t look like this color will be losing steam any time soon. Afraid to go full red delicious from head to toe? Go with red accents instead.

2. “Color Melting”

Color Melting

If you just jumped on the balayage bandwagon, color melting promises to take the dimensions of your hair even further. Placed over last season’s balayage, this fall hair trend is meant to end segregations of hair color and, instead, create more multi tones than ever thought possible. Looks like you may be in the salon chair sooner than expected.

3. Vintage Fashion Eyewear

Fashion Eyewear

Proof that the classics never go out of style, vintage sunglasses continue to top the charts for this fall’s fashion eyewear must-haves. These semi-rimless Leias by Eagle Eyes are polarized to protect those peepers from 99.9 percent of harmful UVA/UVB rays (because who says fashion can’t also be smart?).

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4. Oversized Blazers

Fall Fashion

Blazers are back! But this time, they’re a tad larger than you might remember. This year’s New York Fashion Week had oversized blazers all over the place — from the runways to the audience. Luckily, these don’t have the padded shoulders of yesteryear.

5. Mini Bags

Fall Fashion

No fall fashionista would be complete without a mini bag to offset that oversized blazer. Brightly colored micro purses and pocketbooks are predicted to be everywhere this fall. Because of course, less is always more (until it actually isn’t . . . thank you, ever-changing fashion trends).

 There you have it! The five biggest trends for fall that a normal human can actually be seen in. Now go forth and fashion!

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