The Ins and Outs of Our New Integrated, Magnetic Eyewear Systems

The Ins and Outs of Our New Integrated, Magnetic Eyewear Systems

There are a slew of eyewear solutions available today: polarized sunglasses, digital device and computer reading glasses, even low light and night driving lenses. While there is no argument that our ever-changing world is in need of increased eye protection from a wide array of threatening sources, the number of frames necessary for all-day protection can become daunting. Introducing, SuperSight® magnetic eyewear systems, the latest from Eagle Eyes (and recently featured in Business Insider). 

Why a Magnetic Eyewear System?

Enjoying a day at the beach? Your Eagle Eyes polarized sunglasses have you covered. Spending some time indoors with your favorite e-book? Pop on your DigiTec™ digital clips. Ready to head out to dinner? Low light and night driving lenses have your back. With an eyewear system, lenses can be changed within a matter of seconds, all while maintaining the same, flattering frame.

What Sets Eagle Eyes® Apart?

The answer to this is simple: unparalleled technology.

Known for our commitment to technological advances in eyewear, supported by our lifetime certification from the Space Foundation, we’ve continued to seek out cutting-edge solutions to the challenges faced daily by all of us. Fans of Eagle Eyes know that our stellar lenses are the result of integrating original NASA optic technology. And our 3in1 and 4in1 systems are no different.

What Exactly Do These New Eyewear Systems Offer?

A better question is, What DON’T they have?

Our SuperSight 3in1 eyewear system tackles your sunlight, digital lenses and night driving needs, while our 4in1 eyewear system will have you covered for all of those plus low light conditions with our StimuLight® Vision Enhancement technology. 


TriLenium® Polarized Lenses

These polarized sunglasses block out 99.9% of the harmful UVA, UVB radiation plus scattered blue light, and they allow in vision-enhancing light rays for the clearest of pictures.



 Night-Lite® Anti-Glare Lenses

Enhancing the night driving experience, these non-polarized, night driving glasses are designed to filter out high-glare light from oncoming headlights and LED-lit signage.



DigiTec™ Digital Lens Technology

Created to combat our increased exposure to digital light, our computer reading lenses reduce eyestrain and fatigue by blocking harmful blue light emission from the electronics we love most. And a major added bonus? Protection from blue light has been shown to greatly improve sleep. 


Ready to see which system is right for you?

Check out the similarities and differences between our latest magnetic SuperSight eyewear systems.

3in1 System

4in1 System

Once you’ve secured a pair, we’d love to see you in them. Be sure to tag your tweets, comments and photos with #SportYourEE.