Super-Powered Lenses Built on Original NASA Optic Technology

Super-Powered Lenses Built on Original NASA Optic Technology

Did you know that Eagle Eyes lenses are considered Certified Space Technology?

It all started in the 1980s, when Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) scientists James Stephens and Charles Miller were researching the ways in which solar radiation can be harmful in the midst of constructing lasers and in welding work. In their research, they found that (of all things) birds of prey could provide an unexpected answer to the problem of harmful light.

Birds of prey have incredibly precise vision, and this gives them an edge over other species because of their acute hunting eyes. Stephens and Miller found that the birds’ eyes naturally produce very small drops of oil that help filter out harmful light and radiation, protecting their eyes and enhancing what light filters through. Pretty incredible. Taking the cue from the birds of prey, the JPL researchers figured out a way to replicate this oil droplet process in creating a “welding curtain” that would absorb, filter and scatter dangerous light. This new technology would be incredibly protective for NASA astronauts' eyes, blocking harmful solar radiation from space.

Thanks to these JPL/NASA scientists, Eagle Eyes was then able to take this technology and translate it to sunglasses to make these protections more available to the average Jane and Joe. This powerful work was morphed into Eagle Eyes’ blue light and UV blocking lens technology. Today, Eagle Eyes has a full line of sunglasses based on this licensed NASA technology. Incredibly, these lenses boast 100% elimination of harmful wavelengths. The visual acuity is breathtaking.

Not only that, but these same lenses were inducted into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame!

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