Space Technology Makes
the Best Lenses on Earth

Our lenses use original NASA optic technology – originally developed to protect astronauts’ vision during spaceflight – that protects and enhances your vision
Astronaut’s Picks

Walt Cunningham flew on the Apollo 7 mission, spent 263 hours in space, and spent 3,400 hours flying jet aircraft. He’s been wearing Eagle Eyes for 30+ years, and below are his favorite sunglasses with Certified Space Technology.


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NASA Origins

In the 1980s, two JPL scientists were developing lenses to protect astronauts’ eyes from dangerous UV and blue light. Their work found inspiration in the eyes of birds of prey, which use tiny droplets of oil to filter out harmful light. That core technology is the basis of our TriLenium® lenses and the inspiration for our name.

Aviator Style + Space Technology

Since 1935, Aviators have been a favorite of astronauts, fighter pilots and those of us who appreciate iconic style. We’ve taken that style, added our lenses founded in space technology, and made a few innovative twists of our own.

Inducted in the Space Technology Hall of Fame

In 2010, Eagle Eyes became the 62nd inductee into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, honored for the use of a technology developed for use in space and adapted to improve life on Earth.

Space Tech + Your Prescription

We took our core certified lenses, and adapted them to fit over your prescription glasses. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of Eagle Eyes, without sacrificing the clarity of your prescription.

Women’s Styles with Space Technology

If you’re looking for our lenses developed from original NASA optic technology in a more fashion-forward feminine style, we’ve got you covered.

More Space-Inspired Vision Technology

Eagle Eyes started with our original UV and blue-light blocking technology, but we didn’t stop there. Our optical engineers used it asa starting point to develop a whole range of exclusive lens technologies, designed for every lighting condition you encounter.

TriLenium® Polarized Lenses
Blue-Light Blocking + 99.9% UVA/UVB Protection

UVA and UVB can cause cataracts that may damage your retinas. Scattered blue light could increase your risk of macular degeneration. Eagle Eyes Trilenium® lenses block all three types of damaging radiation.

Night-Lite® Lenses
Anti-Glare Night Driving Glasses

High-intensity light can temporarily blind you in night-driving situations. You'll no longer have to worry about losing your night vision due to oncoming cars and other bright lights.

Digitec® Lenses
Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Reduce the digital eye strain caused by looking at computer screens and digital devices for long periods of time.

StimuLight® Lenses
Low Light Vision Boosters

Improve visual acuity in dim light. Our exclusive micro-infused amber lenses provide enhanced visual definition and contrast. This helps to improve your ability to distinguish objects in low light situations where that can be difficult.