Introducing Protective Eyewear From Eagle Eyes

Introducing Protective Eyewear From Eagle Eyes

Ever since our very first pair of glasses, protecting our customers’ vision has been one of our top concerns. But, with the recent global pandemic, many of our customers have been reaching out to us, asking for new kinds of protection.

So, we worked quickly to bring new kinds of protective eyewear to our customers.

Today, we’re happy to launch the first two pieces in the new line. They’re literally like nothing we’ve ever made before.

The first are our protective safety goggles. Available for just $9.95/ea, they’re a lot like the safety goggles you may have worn in your high school chemistry class or the ones that came with your leaf blower. But, we’ve added a few Eagle Eyes exclusive features like anti-fog protection, the ability to fit comfortably over your prescription eyewear, and a comfortable and flexible PVC seal.

Protective Safety Goggles

$9.95 USD

The second is truly like nothing we’ve ever made before. Imagine if your safety goggles met the hockey mask from the Jason movies. That’s sort of what we’re talking about with our new Safety Goggles with Face Shield for just $39.95.

Safety Goggles with Face Shield

$39.95 USD

Again, even with our ultra-fast efforts at getting these into our customers’ hands ASAP, we managed to add a few exclusive features, like a detachable face shield and a comfy fit over prescription eyewear. They protect your eyes just like traditional goggles, but add a strong polycarbonate face shield for maximum protection.

More Models Coming Soon

Even while we were rushing these first-generation protective eyewear models out of our factories, our optical designers have been working on some more advanced options that we have in the works. Keep an eye out for new protective eyewear models that incorporate our advanced lens technologies and less “utilitarian” styling, coming soon.

And in the meantime, stay positive, and stay safe.