Eagle Eyes Proud to Be a Part of Operation Gratitude’s 2-Million Package Celebration

Eagle Eyes Proud to Be a Part of Operation Gratitude’s 2-Million Package Celebration

On Saturday, December 9, Eagle Eyes’ President and CEO Alan Mittelman proudly attended Operation Gratitude’s milestone ceremony in which the organization commemorated the assembly of their two-millionth care package. The nonprofit organization – founded in 2003 in the dining room of citizen extraordinaire, Carolyn Blashek – has grown from being the mission of a single person to a national movement powered by 350,000 volunteers. These ardent volunteers spend countless hours every year assembling packages designed to provide comfort and cheer to first responders, veterans, military families and military personnel stationed worldwide. The event, which took place in Los Angeles, was dedicated to the thousands of first responders still on the front lines of the California wildfires that have ravaged the state over the past weeks.

Eagle Eyes, a long-time supporter of the organization, was on hand at the event with 2,000 pairs of donated sunglasses ready to be packed and shipped. The care packages contain entertainment, hygiene and comfort items.

Operation Gratitude Volunteers
Eagle Eyes President and CEO Alan Mittelman working with another Operation Gratitude volunteer.

2 Million Packages Assembled in 14 Years!

The 1,999,999th care package was assembled by longtime Operation Gratitude volunteer and World War II veteran, Steve Politis, who at 100 years old still spends one Saturday each month packing up the boxes that he believes are a symbol of the American spirit. Politis and others like him are examples of how the organization brings comfort not only to the package recipients, but to the volunteers as well. 

The extended network of volunteers of all ages not only packs the boxes, but also handcrafts many of the items inside the boxes. Handmade items include hats, scarfs and bandanas; paracord survival bracelets; and, of course, handwritten notes expressing gratitude. The 1,999,999th, 2,000,000th and 2,000,001st boxes were given out on Saturday to three special marines who were on hand to receive a Yamaha sound system, tickets to the Super Bowl and a NASCAR experience, respectively.

Operation Gratitude 2 Millionth Box - Volunteers Make the Day SpecialPanel 1: Eagle Eyes CEO, Alan Mittleman celebrates the assembling of Operation Gratitude’s 2 millionth care package. Panel 2: Alan packs Eagle Eyes glasses into a care package. Panel 3: Operation Gratitude volunteers making emergency tourniquet bracelets.

Interested in Being Part of Operation Gratitude?

If you’d like to learn more about Operation Gratitude, we encourage you to visit: www.operationgratitude.com. There are many ways to get involved, from monetary gifts to organizing an item drive in your hometown to pulling out the knitting needles and yarn and making a beanie or scarf. 

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