Eagle Eyes Supports Relief Efforts of Recent Tragedies

Eagle Eyes Supports Relief Efforts of Recent Tragedies

Eagle Eyes was inspired by the generosity of students from two Southern California high schools to donate funds and ProXL sunglasses to help re-equip the baseball team of a Houston high school devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The baseball teams from Agoura High School and Calabasas High School “adopted” the Terry High School baseball team, located outside of Houston, and replaced equipment and uniforms for the whole team, with Eagle Eyes providing sunglasses. 

Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey was the first of a series of tragedies that have befallen our country in recent months. During these trying times, we celebrate the positive actions of the people who come together to help those in need. Every little bit helps, and whatever you are able to do or give is the right amount.

Ways to Support the Victims of Recent Tragedies

  1. Donate to the Puerto Rico Community Recovery Fund to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
  2. Donate to the Napa Valley Community Foundation to support wildfire relief efforts in Northern California.
  3. Contribute to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund to provide support and financial relief to victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.