Freedom - RX and Custom

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Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
Freedom - RX and Custom
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Eagle Eyes® Optics is proud to introduce a style that has been revered for decades by military men and women worldwide! Inspired by a style originally crafted for the U.S. Military and popularized in WWII, our Eagle Eyes® new Freedom® Collection gives you more of what you’re looking for in this truly American-iconic design. Developed from Original NASA Optic Technology, our Award-Winning TriLenium® Polarized Lens Technology, blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV light rays and scattered blue light and enhances colors to help you see more clearly. The stainless-steel frame comes equipped with bayonet temples, soft temple tips and adjustable silicone nose grips for all-day comfort.

These classic frames come in an assortment of contemporary frame colors, including Gold, Black, Gunmetal and Rose Gold and beautiful mirror lenses of Gold, Silver, Blue, and Champagne. 

Single Vision Rx Only - We don't offer Progressive or bi-focal prescriptions at this time.

Due to the wrap of our frames the prescription range that we can make prescription lenses is:

+2.00/-3.00 Sphere up to a -2.00 Cylinder

Product Features

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Lens Technology

Trilenium® Sunglass Lens Technology

It started with cutting-edge polarized technology that NASA created to protect their astronauts’ eyes while living and working in space. Today, this same technology is the foundation of our Trilenium® polarized sunglasses. Trilenium® lens technology is designed to block blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation, while expanding your vision.


Lens Width

52mm, 55mm, or 57mm

Lens Height

44mm or 47mm





What's in the Box

Includes a microfiber pouch and a protective leatherette hard case.

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