2in1 PanoVu

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2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
2in1 PanoVu
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The 2in1 PanoVu Magnetic Eyewear System lets you see the bigger picture both day and night with a sports style wraparound frame that gives you extra coverage and an enhanced wide field of vision.

The lightweight, durable base frame is ready for anything, made from a combination of TR-90 advanced Polycarbonate and high grade stainless steel. Go straight from the office to the gym to an evening drive without changing frames, and know that you’ll look good while doing it.

The base frame is fitted with our exclusive Night-Lite® night driving lenses. This advanced lens technology has been specially calibrated to enhance your vision when you’re behind the wheel after dark. The lenses filter out high-intensity light and fight glare from oncoming cars and overly bright LED signage, helping to prevent temporary night-blindness. The micro-infused yellow lenses are also designed to enhance visual definition and contrast for night driving and inclement weather.

When the sun rises, just snap on the included magnetized TriLenium® polarized sunglass lenses. Exclusively formulated to work with the base lenses, the 2in1 PanoVu’s sunglass lenses are designed to block scattered blue light and 99.9% of harmful UV radiation. At the same time, they enhance daytime colors and definition, and are polarized to fight glare.

The 2in1 PanoVu is the ultimate lens system for men and women who want it all from a single pair of sunglasses. Nighttime vision enhancement, daytime protection and vision enhancement combine with a cool sports style and performance that can handle anything life throws at you.

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Lens Technology

Trilenium® and Night-Lite® Lens Technologies

For the Systems sunglasses, It started with cutting-edge polarized technology that NASA created to protect their astronauts’ eyes while living and working in space. Today, this same technology is the foundation of our Trilenium® polarized sunglasses. Trilenium® lens technology is designed to block blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation, while expanding your vision.

The Systems night vision glasses with Night-Lite® technology are designed to filter out high-intensity glare and soften harsh lights from oncoming cars, streetlights and billboards, while enhancing clarity and definition at night. This helps to improve your ability to detect and distinguish objects and fight temporary night blindness and eyestrain while driving after dark.


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