ClipOn Universal Digital

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ClipOn Universal Digital
ClipOn Universal Digital
ClipOn Universal Digital


From computers to tablets to smartphones, so much of daily life is made easier with technology. But are we neglecting our eyes in the process?

In an increasingly digital world, prescription eyeglass wearers often have to choose between seeing clearly and protecting their eyes from blue light and the eye strain it causes. In order to do both, people had to either invest in multiple pairs of glasses or spend extra money on blue light blocking prescription lenses – until now. Our new ClipOn Universal Digital is an easy, affordable and stylish solution.

ClipOn Universal Digital takes the versatility of our popular ClipOn frames and adds our exclusive “natural light” deposition lens technology, which uses a crystal filter to block blue light emissions and UV radiation. The lenses’ no-glare, anti-reflective coating instantly cuts harsh, distracting light. With your ClipOn Universal Digital, you’re just a quick flip away from hours of comfortable screen time.

Plus, the lightweight, rimless design of ClipOn Universal Digital and the “No-Fingerprint” EZ-Clip Flip mean these lenses won’t cramp your style and can go with you anywhere: to the movies, the office or just at home on the couch.

When you order your ClipOn Universal Digital glasses directly from Eagle Eyes, we’ll include a microfiber soft cleaning case and our protective zippered hard case.

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