ClipOn Universal Night

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ClipOn Universal Night
ClipOn Universal Night
ClipOn Universal Night
ClipOn Universal Night


Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or something else entirely, prescription lenses are critical to our ability to function day to day. But there are things prescription lenses can't do, like enhance your vision at night. Fortunately, adding specialized technology for night and low light conditions to your trusty prescription lenses has never been easier. 

Featuring our proprietary Night-Lite® optical technology, the ClipOn Universal Night uses exclusive micro-infused yellow lenses to optimize clarity and definition in the dark. The lenses' special anti-reflective coating works to filter out high-intensity glare from headlights, LED signage, floodlights and other bright lights.

The lightweight, rimless frames of the ClipOn Universal Night are crafted with durable Techlon™ polycarbonates, and the "No-Fingerprint" EZ-Clip-Flip means that these lenses can go with you anywhere. Whether you're on the road late at night, watching an evening sports game or just out and about after sunset, enhancing your vision is just a click away with the ClipOn Universal Night.

Plus, when you order your ClipOn Universal Night glasses directly from Eagle Eyes, we'll include a microfiber soft cleaning case and our protective zippered hard case.

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Lens Technology

Night-Lite® Lens Technology

Our night vision glasses with Night-Lite® technology are designed to filter out high-intensity glare and soften harsh lights from oncoming cars, streetlights and billboards, while enhancing clarity and definition at night. This helps to improve your ability to detect and distinguish objects and fight temporary night blindness and eyestrain while driving after dark.


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Customer Reviews

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Auntie Tutu
Now I can see at dark times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased these clip-ons (with small clip, nice clip not so big that it blocks peripheral vision) and love them. My issue was the LED headlights that DIY'ers
install and don't get the proper adjustments so they shine right in your eyes! I am older so my eyes just could not take the super brightness. Your "Eagle Eyes" are perfect. They do not turn everything a bright yellow just a gentle tint of yellow. I love my clip-ons and I can clip them on even when I am driving.
Thank you "Eagle Eyes" your product is appreciated. Mahalo Auntie Tutu

Pam Botts
clip needs improvement

One of the 2 best night driving lenses I have had (and I have had a lot). Agree with the 3 previous reviews re the tiny clip. Very difficult to attach b/c of the tiny clip, so find myself not wearing them as much as I should. Did they not test these things? Still, good lenses.

white TOP
reduce glare

it clips on over your own prescription glasses to reduce night time headlamp glares ... it does really work, exception that most things look more yellow from yellow lens effect !

Larry Hurley
Clip on Glasses

Concur with the first review; the old ones I have had easy to use clips; the current ones have very small clips which are much harder to get onto the glasses; you need to go back to the original larger clip squeeze handle which let the wearer put them on easier.

Helmut Lutze

The glasses are very good clipon universal nl + sl. Only the clip to attach has become very small. Thus, the glasses can be very difficult to attach. At my old one clipon universal the clip is bigger. That is good.

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