FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses

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FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses
FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses
FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses
FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses
FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses
FitOn Full Frame Sunglasses
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Our FitOns are sunglasses that fit over glasses, including prescription lenses and frames. These fit-over style sunglasses are made from durable Techlon™ Polycarbonate and integrate TriLenium® Polarized technology that helps block blue light and shield your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) solar light. Available in Black or Tortoise.

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Lens Technology

Trilenium® Sunglass Lens Technology

It started with cutting-edge polarized technology that NASA created to protect their astronauts’ eyes while living and working in space. Today, this same technology is the foundation of our Trilenium® polarized sunglasses. Trilenium® lens technology is designed to block blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation, while expanding your vision.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Lois Rankin
Excellent glasses

I have macular degeneration and I have 5 pair of the eagle eyes. My doctor told me about these, and they are the best sunglasses ever!

Bruce Brotherton
Excellent shades!

These fit over sunglasses really work well. They also work pretty well at night.

ronald sikes
fiton gift

bought these as a gift --they seem to really like them

Andrew Moore
Best of the Bunch

I've tried many different glasses of this style and these are the best. They fit over my regular glasses perfectly and the lenses are just the right shade to block unwanted parts of the visual spectrum. Great clarity of image provides an extra bit of safety while driving. The build quality is great as well and they last longer than other glasses in this class. Another thing I like is the way the lenses can be snapped back into the frames easily if you are a klutz like me who drops them on many occasions! Competitive glasses don't hold up as well. The price, based on the quality and design is good.

Coreth Hayes
One of a kind!

I truly love the low lite and sun lite pair of fit ons. I was able to purchase during the holidays. I am a AARP member and there is where I was introduced to Eagle Eye brand. I have always hated to be blinded by strong UV rays and glare from night lites . I purchased the fit ons and I enjoy the high quality performances on each pair. I have tried other brand of fit ons that claim to be helpful in combating these issues but have fell short on effectiveness. I am very pleased with them and was very lucky to purchase both pairs on special holiday pricing😊. Thanks for this wonderful product!

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