ClipOn Universal

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ClipOn Universal
ClipOn Universal
Clip On Sunglasses


Wearers of prescription glasses are all too familiar with the sunglasses question: How do you see clearly and protect your eyes against harmful UV radiation at the same time? You can invest in expensive prescription sunglasses, but switching between your sunglasses and glasses all the time is a hassle -- and a recipe for losing a pair! You could avoid the hassle and forgo sunglasses altogether, but then your vision is at risk. Finally, there's a comprehensive solution.

The sleek ClipOn Universal from Eagle Eyes easily attaches to any pair of prescription glasses. With rimless TriLenium® polarized lenses developed from NASA optic technology, the ClipOn Universal ensures your eyes get the protection they need -- without compromising your sight.

Plus, the ClipOn Universal's "No-Fingerprint" EZ-Clip-Flip, sleek design and lightweight body mean these shades won't cramp your style and can go with you anywhere: on a quick jaunt around the neighborhood, a round of midday golf or a long drive without a cloud in sight.

When you order your ClipOn Universal directly from Eagle Eyes, we'll include a microfiber soft cleaning pouch and protective case.

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