4in1 Classic

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4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
4in1 Classic
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Now there’s everything you need for advanced eye protection in one stylish system. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, a long day in the office or pulling an all-nighter, Eagle Eyes® has you covered with the 4in1 system—lightweight frame and multiple lens technologies that can take you effortlessly from sun to screen to low light to night and everything in between.

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Product Features

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Lens Technology

Trilenium®, Night-Lite®, StimuLight®, and Digitec® Lens Technologies

For the Systems sunglasses, It started with cutting-edge polarized technology that NASA created to protect their astronauts’ eyes while living and working in space. Today, this same technology is the foundation of our Trilenium® polarized sunglasses. Trilenium® lens technology is designed to block blue light and 99.9% of harmful solar radiation, while expanding your vision.

The night vision glasses with Night-Lite® technology are designed to filter out high-intensity glare and soften harsh lights from oncoming cars, streetlights and billboards, while enhancing clarity and definition at night. This helps to improve your ability to detect and distinguish objects and fight temporary night blindness and eyestrain while driving after dark.

Finally, our exclusive DigiTec® lenses are specially formulated to block and filter blue light from e-devices and augment the color contrast between objects. With an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and cut harsh light, these lenses help to reduce the digital eyestrain caused by looking at computer screens and digital devices for long periods of time.

Our micro-infused, StimuLight Lens Technology enhances contrast during dusk, dawn, rain, fog, haze, and shadowy conditions so you can instantly enhance existing light conditions and help improve definition, clarity, and contrast during times of ever-changing lighting and environmental conditions. It also protects your eyes from UV radiation that can cause cataracts and retinal damage, as well as scattered blue light that has been linked to macular degeneration.


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Customer Reviews

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Clarence Joseph Williams
Great Vision and Wear

I am very picky when it comes to my vision. With the 4 in One Frame it allowed me to replace the regular lens with my personal prescription. Now I am able to wear them anywhere at any time. Thanks Eagle Eyes, you saved the day.

David Polister
SuperSight® 4in1 Vision Enhancement Eyewear

So far liking them a lot. I've owned many other pair of regular Eagle Eyes sunglasses over the years. This is my first "system."

They seem to work very well, still getting used to putting them on at work and home for all my time in front of the screen. The sunglass lense works great like the others. The Night life, lens works well for coming to work in the early morning darkness and returning home from Wednesday night bible study. The low light I've used less of but seems nice.

One con, is with so many lenses, keeping them clean is a little more work. But when clean, the view/correction is great. The only other issue was in my box was literature for the 2 in 1 system not this 4 in 1.... So, I had to review the website here to recall what each lense is supposed to do.

The bundled case is nice and holds everything well, along with the handy lense cleaner, towel and screwdriver. I've used the screw driver once so far to snug up the bows. One surprise, it was a crosspoint and from the underside, whereas most are flat and on top.

Eagle Eye glasses

I am on my second pair of Eagle Eye set (4 in 1 system) I have been wearing Eagle Eyes since 1990
Love the sunglasses and now that I am older and have to have prescription glasses, I love the interchangeable magnetic lens that fit onto the base frame.
It is like having four different pair of glasses with one base frame of prescription glasses. I had my own Optometrist put my prescription in the base frame. They are all great no matter what light setting you are in. Day, night, early morning or late evening. And the lite weight material the frame and lens are made of they are very lite even with the magnetic lens clipped on. I will purchase this product again. I will recommend it to my friends and family.


Michael Gore
Great product/inovation

I wasn't really clear how these worked (mechanics) from the web page description but after receiving them I'm very pleased. The frames and lenses are well made and the lenses fit over/onto a stationary frame. The lenses are held very well to the frame utilizing both small magnets and a "hook " system. I put them on and shook my head back and forth/up and down and they stay put. My description may make these glasses sound bulky...but they are not. Once the lens is put on the frame they look just as sleek as a traditional pair of glasses . Really nice having the flexibility of changing the lenses to what ever the conditions call for. System comes with a very nice hard case that holds everything and a soft bag for easy protection. I'm very happy with this purchase and highly recommend them if you need "multiple condition" protection.

ron miller
Wow, they work!!!

My eyes are very sensitive to bright light. I use to have the darkest sunglass made for being outside on a sunny day, but years ago, the darkest ones were no longer allowed to be made. So I have been putting up with squinting and eye strain. The 4 in 1 glasses are ideal. The different lenses allows me to actually see with clarity from bright sunlight, to rainy/cloudy conditions, and for driving at night. My only complaint about the 4 in 1 is the case. The case is well made, set up ideally for the 3 lenses, but my complaint is that the kit containing the tools should not be sharing a slot with the frames.

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