Men’s Polarized Sunglasses – Our Favorite Picks

Men’s Polarized Sunglasses – Our Favorite Picks

At Eagle Eyes, we’re very vocal about the UV-blocking benefits of our advanced optic sunglasses. Our TriLenium® lenses block UVA and UVB rays, as well as blue light, protecting the eyes from overexposure that can lead to a host of vision problems: cataracts, retinal damage, macular degeneration, and more.

But there’s another important component of our sunglasses that gets a little less press: polarization. Polarized lenses filter out glare – the horizontal light beams that reflect off of sunlit surfaces like water, snow, and shiny cars and windows. Glare not only makes it difficult to see in the moment, but can lead to eyestrain and other more serious vision conditions down the line.

Fortunately, our sunglasses feature polarization in addition to their UV-blocking properties. Even more impressive? Our TriLenium™ polarized lenses are the only sunglass lenses on the market that have passed through rigorous criteria of the US Space Foundation to be deemed a NASA-Certified Space Technology. In fact, these lenses have been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. When you wear any pair of Eagle Eyes sunglasses, you’re receiving the same vision protection as a NASA astronaut. Talk about out-of-this world!

But enough of the tech stuff. Our glasses also look cool. Really cool.

In this post, we’re featuring some of our favorite polarized men’s sunglasses. Take a peek and see what shades rock your boat. Whatever you choose, we’re confident your eyes will feel as great as you look. 

And ladies, don’t fret: we have plenty of pairs for you as well, which we’ll highlight soon.


Featured Browline Polarized Sunglasses: Palmer

Get your retro-cool on with a pair of beatnik-inspired shades. The Palmer’s dark lenses, classic shape, and sophisticated lens technology will have you feeling like the heppest cat in town. See you on the flip side, daddio.

Featured Polarized Aviators: Foldable Flash Aviator

Your favorite military-inspired sunglasses just got a travel-friendly upgrade. These specialty shades combine the intrepid stylings of classic aviators with a super-lightweight foldable frame, making them the ideal travel companion for all of your adventures.

Featured Club-Style Sunglasses: Carbon

A sleeker take on traditional club-style sunglasses, our Carbon shades feature an elegantly slim rim and wide, dark lenses. Elegant, lightweight, and durable with carbon fiber temple detail, these glasses perfectly merge vintage refinement with a high-tech sensibility.

Featured Men’s Sport Sunglasses: Zone

Your favorite club-style glasses just got a sporty upgrade, with mirrored lenses and lightweight frames made from Grilamid® TR-90 – a lightweight polymer designed to retain its shape through serious wear and tear. Start your engine; these shades were made for performance.  

Featured Men’s Polarized Shield Sunglasses: Ace

Look sharp and stay cool under pressure with Ace polarized sunglasses. Made from lightweight Grilamid® TR-90, and designed with breathable vents between the browline and lenses, these semi-rimless shades will see you through to the finish line for cycling, running, sailing, or any other high-speed activity.