Style Spotlight: Women’s Sunglasses

Style Spotlight: Women’s Sunglasses

Is there any fashion accessory that mixes style and function quite like women's sunglasses? With their tinted lenses and unique shapes, sunglasses don’t only block the sun, they also imbue their wearer with an air of sophistication, flare, and—dare we say—drama. From Jackie O.’s distinctive oversize shades to Gloria Steinem’s aviators, sunglasses have the power to convey attitude, glamour, and personal style in a statement that’s as powerful as it is practical.

Here at Eagle Eyes, we’ve elevated sunglasses from accessory to necessity with the addition of eye-protecting NASA-Optic blue light glass technology. Your favorite pair of Eagle Eyes sunglasses not only look great, but it also blocks out harmful UV rays and blue light, enhances clarity, and helps retain healthy vision. The best part? Our shades come in a myriad of styles, shapes, and colors to highlight the individuality of each woman who wears them. Here’s a breakdown of some of our most iconic designs. Have a look and see what speaks to you!


Channel your inner Audrey or Marilyn with our collection of vintage sunglass styles. Whether browline, rounded, clear acetate, or tortoise shell, vintage sunglass styles are elegant, timeless, and just the right amount of playful. Our top picks? The Blair, Astin, Skye, and Talia styles
Blair sunglasses



First the ’50s, then the ’80s, and now today, these bold, square frames have a special knack for making a comeback. Whether you identify as a beatnik, a Brat Packer, or an all-around hip lady, a pair of club-style sunglasses will give you an air of “cool” wherever you wear them. Our versions come enhanced with NASA-Optic TriLenium® lenses, so you can look good while you keep your eyes healthy and strong. Check out the Morgan, Casey, Charlie, Palmer, Rebel, Tate and Quinn styles.
Quinn sunglasses



No accessory screams “high glamour” as loudly as a pair of oversized shades. Just look at Jackie O., Sophia Loren, and Natalie Wood, all of whom sported pairs as big as their star power. Big glasses make a big fashion statement, whether you’re shielding yourself from the prying paparazzi or the harsh rays of the sun. Eagle Eyes offers several oversized styles, so you can enjoy your moment in the limelight with full coverage and protection. We love the Carina, Bianca, Gemstone and Halley, Luna, Celeste, styles.

Carina sunglasses



There’s something powerfully cool about a woman in aviator shades. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re traditionally known as a men’s sunglass style. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure they convey. But, whatever the case, aviator sunglasses are a fitting choice for the woman who makes her own rules. Eagle Eyes makes several great aviator sunglass styles for women, including the Mira, Larissa, Classic, Hero, Teardrop, Gauge and Memory Flex designs.
Mira women's aviator sunglasses



A little 1990s, a little 2190s, rimless shades convey a slick minimalism that nods to the past while looking to the future. If you consider Trinity from the Matrix as one of your style icons, this style is the perfect complement to your look. Eagle Eyes enhances the high-tech feeling of rimless shades by incorporating our signature NASA-Optic lenses into every pair. Brush up on your slo-mo battle skills while wearing our Ultralite Titanium, Ultralite Airos, or Jet shades.
Ultralite® Titanium sunglasses



Sporty shades are a must-have for hiking, surfing, jogging, playing tennis, or any other outdoor activity. Unfortunately, some high-performance sunglasses sacrifice style in the name of function. Not ours. Eagle Eyes’ sport styles always look good while protecting your eyes, so you can feel comfortable “sporting” them all day long. Our favorite women’s sport style: the fierce and fashionable Force shades.
Force sunglasses



Versatility is always appreciated, and Eagle Eyes has plenty of options to seamlessly adjust your sunglasses according to lighting and time of day. Our fit-on, clip-on, and 2in1 sunglass systems are all crafted both to enhance night vision for safer driving, walking, and evening activity, and to protect the eyes from glare and UV radiation during the day. Our 3in1 system is especially equipped for digital eye protection – addressing vision issues associated with a computer, smartphone, and tablet use. They block blue light, improve contrast and reduce eye strain, resulting in healthier eyes and helping to improve sleep quality. Check out our daytime fit over sunglasses, our night-vision glasses, and our fit over computer glasses.

3in1 FitOn® glasses


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