Spotlight On: Mens’ Mirrored Sunglasses

Spotlight On: Mens’ Mirrored Sunglasses

With their eyecatching shine, mirrored sunglasses make a strong visual statement, but they were developed with more than aesthetics in mind. The reflective surface of mirrored lenses can block up to 60% more light than standard sunglasses, making them a popular choice for activities involving bright sun and glare, like water and snow sports, driving, and air travel. Eagle Eyes’ men's mirrored sunglasses have the added protection of NASA-optic TriLenium® polarized lens technology, blocking blue light and 99.9% of UV rays while enhancing clarity and precision. Read on to learn more about some of our most popular mirrored styles.

Freedom™ Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

A classic through and through, our Freedom Navigators were modeled after the original military style worn by pilots in WWII.

With their universally flattering shape, bayonet temples and sophisticated appearance, our Freedom™ Mirrored sunglasses have a polished, retro feel that adapts to any occasion. They’re available in gold or gunmetal, with both mirrored and standard lenses, but the mirrored version increases functionality without detracting from their refined appearance.

Bolt Sport Sunglasses

Our blade-style Bolt sunglasses were developed with the active wearer in mind. Perfect for outdoor sports, these shades are constructed out of Techlon™ polycarbonate, an ultra-lightweight, ultra-durable plastic material that handles wear and tear with no trouble. Their streamlined design features semi-rimless ventilated frames that circulate airflow to eliminate sweat and condensation from the eyes. 

In addition to their blue-light and UV blocking technology, the Bolt’s mirrored lenses are protected with 2x Scratch-Guard™, oleophobic (smudge-proof), and hydrophobic (water repellent) coatings to keep your vision clear and precise in any environment. They’re available in navy blue and black frames with a silver mirrored lens.    

Hydro Lightweight Sunglasses

Another sporty style, our Hydro sunglasses are the perfect choice for water activities. Not only are they designed to stay put for boating, waterskiing, surfing, and parasailing, they’re also constructed with super lightweight, low-density TPX™ plastic so they float if they somehow find themselves off of your face and in deep water.

Like our other mirrored sunglasses, the hydro style features polarized lenses infused with our signature NASA optic TriLenium® technology, and like our other sport styles, the Hydro’s lenses feature 2x Scratch-Guard™, oleophobic, and hydrophobic coatings. They’re available in classic black with orange mirrored lenses and frosty white with blue mirrored lenses.

Triumph Sunglasses

Sport versatility meets high-tech sleekness in these lightweight aluminum mirrored sunglasses. A semi-rimless style, the Triumph sunglasses boast an eco-friendly, non-toxic and nickel-free frame, plus durable snap-back temples. They’re also protected from corrosion and perspiration by an antioxidant treatment, making them a great choice for any high-intensity activity – whether it involves the beach or the board room.

Like all of our sport styles, the Triumph sunglasses come with 2x Scratch-Guard™, oleophobic (smudge-proof) and hydrophobic (water-repellent) coatings. And like all Eagle Eyes sunglasses, they feature polarized NASA-optic TriLenium® lenses.

Hero Aviator

Classic suglasses with a subtle patriotic twist, the Hero Aviators feature broad mirrored lenses, lightweight enamel frames, and a retro red, white and blue racing stripe along the temples.

Their silver mirrored lenses are made with TriLenium® 7 technology, which blocks scattered blue light and 99.9% of UV radiation. The lenses are further fortified with polarized vision enhancement, an anti-reflective overlay and Scratch-Guard™ coating. They also feature adjustable silicone nose grips for long-lasting comfort.

If you’re in search of sunglasses that offer premium protection and durability with a little touch of patriotic flavor, the Hero Aviators are an obvious choice.

Memory Flex™ Aviator

Another style of mirrored aviator sunglasses, the Memory Flex™ aviator’s main feature is its hyper-resilient and flexible metal rim. Made from an innovative titanium alloy, the Memory Flex™ alloy is 10X more pliant than steel with enough flexible strength to return to its original shape time after time, no matter how frequently it’s bent and twisted.

Style-wise, the Memory Flex™ aviators are larger and more rounded than their Freedom™ counterpart, giving them an ’80s “Top Gun” bravado. Those who like gold lenses can choose between black and gold rims, while those who prefer blue mirrored sunglasses can opt for the silver rims. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a stylish, durable, and ultra-protective pair of shades.

Eagle Eyes prides itself on making high-quality sunglasses with unparalleled protective lens technologies, and our selection of mirrored sunglasses is no different. Whether you’re seeking aviators or sport styles, we’ve got a huge array of mirrored styles to choose from. Have a look at all of our glasses here, and see first-hand what NASA Optic TriLenium™ lenses can do for your vision. The future is clear.