See Better All-Around with Polarized Fit Over Sunglasses & Clip-Ons

See Better All-Around with Polarized Fit Over Sunglasses & Clip-Ons

Sunglasses, special-use lenses, and prescriptions don’t always see eye-to-eye. Completely forgoing your eyeglasses for shades, nighttime lenses or digital lenses isn’t an option for obvious reasons, but prescription sunglasses and custom clip-ons can be very expensive. Fortunately, Eagle Eyes offers two practical solutions: FitOn® glasses and adaptable ClipOn styles 

Our fit over sunglasses comfortably rests on top of any standard pair of prescription eyeglasses for easy, accessible vision enhancement and protection. We offer sunglasses that fit over glasses within four categories to enhance and protect your vision 24/7 in any light condition: 1) polarized sunglasses with TriLenium® lenses are made with our signature NASA optic technology to block harmful UV rays and blue light, 2) low-light glasses to enhance definition and contrast during dusk or dawn, or in rainy, hazy or foggy weather, 3) night driving glasses that reduce glare and improve clarity for nighttime activities, and 4) digital lenses that protect your eyes from digital eyestrain. Unlike old-school fit over sunglasses, our versions are sleek, lightweight, and stylish.  

Our clip-on sunglasses come in universal, contemporary, and aviator shapes to accommodate a wide range of prescription eyeglass styles. Lens option include classic clip-on sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses, DigiTec® screen protectors, or Night-Lite® and low-light vision enhancers.

What people are saying about our FitOn® and ClipOn Glasses: 

Outstanding Sunglasses

“I have worn and purchased these Eagle Eyes fit over sunglasses for years and they are the greatest. At 78, and also having served on active duty for 24 years in the military, I have worn all kinds of sunglasses and fit overs. These Eagle Eyes ones are the best! I use them for driving (auto, pickup and farm tractors and equipment), and my eyes do not get tired. When I’m wearing them, I have no problems with glare or squinting my eyes. I recommend these glasses to anyone.” – Tony, wearing the Original FitOn® Glasses 

Best Sun Protection Ever

“My husband had some of these wonderful glasses, so I tried them and decided to buy some for myself and my friends. I was sure glad that you made a pair that fit over my regular glasses. Thank you again!” – Joanne, wearing the FitOn® Sleek Glasses. 

Exceptional Vision Improvement

“I had been experiencing difficulty with my night vision. The lights of oncoming vehicle were of particular concern, as I was diagnosed with small cataracts in both eyes, causing oncoming sources of light to appear like starbursts, which is very troublesome.

Since wearing the glasses for over a month on top of my prescription eyeglasses, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the starburst effect, as well as a general improvement in the clarity of my night vision. I find myself less fatigued after a long highway drive at night. I highly recommend these eyeglass enhancements. I am buying a pair for my wife for Christmas. – Thomas, wearing FitOn® NL Glasses

ClipOn Set Universal is Awesome

These Eagle Eye ClipOns are simply magnificent. I've used all three lenses and was extremely pleased with all. My eyes feel so relaxed and comfortable whenever using these lenses. The blocking of the blue light is so beneficial and great for sharpening my vision and clarity. The DigiTec® lens is great for viewing a computer screen or for watching TV. The Night-Lite® lens does a great job for cutting down glare from headlights and other sources and sharpening my vision while driving at night. All three lenses function as advertised and described. I am thrilled with this purchase and its awesome quality.” – Jack, wearing the ClipOn Set Universal

You can check out all of our FitOn® and ClipOn styles here.


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