Protection Just for Prescription Glasses Wearers

Prescription glasses wearers are all too familiar with "the sunglasses question": Do I invest in prescription sunglasses, or wear fit-over or clip-on sunglasses over my current glasses?

Historically, this hasn't been an easy decision; prescription sunglass lenses can be very expensive, and sunglasses that fit over glasses or clip on are notoriously clunky. But many of us here at Eagle Eyes are long-time prescription glasses wearers, so we've made it a priority to develop a wide range of fit over and clip on styles that expand your vision without cramping your style (or costing an arm and a leg).

No matter what kind of prescription glasses you wear, you'll find an Eagle Eyes design that works just for you. Each style gives you the advanced optic technology you need with the craftsmanship and affordability you've come to expect from Eagle Eyes. 

UV Protection & Your Prescription

It's easier than ever to add the power of original NASA optic technology to your glasses with Eagle Eyes FitOn® and ClipOn sunglass lenses. Our clip-on and fit-over sunglasses feature our exclusive TriLenium® technology to block blue light and 99.9% of harmful UV rays. If you're looking for frames that you can quickly slip over your glasses, try out the FitOn® or FitOn® Sleek. If you prefer lenses that you can seamlessly clip on and off, we have five different ClipOn® styles to accommodate a wide range of prescription glasses shapes, sizes and styles.

24/7 Protection & Your Prescription

Why should prescription glasses wearers have fewer options than everyone else? We know you need more than sun protection, which is why we've developed FitOn® and ClipOn® lenses in every one of our advanced lens technologies.

Our non-polarized StimuLight® lenses, available in both fit on and clip on styles, will help improve your low light vision in conditions like rain, snow, dusk, dawn or fog -- while our Night-Lite™ styles will provide clarity and definition after dark, which is especially useful for night driving.

Many prescription lenses do not adequately protect against the blue light emitted by computer and phone screens, which is why we also offer FitOn® and ClipOn® styles featuring our blue light blocking DigiTec® technology. Just fit them over your glasses to block blue light and reduce digital eyestrain.

Want to maximize your protection? We get it. Check out our SuperSight® 3in1 Systems for 24/7 protection in one sleek package.


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