Style Spotlight: Men’s Sunglasses

Style Spotlight: Men’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a quintessential wardrobe item for the American man. Not only are they functional – protecting the eyes from harsh UV and blue light and easing squint-induced tension headaches – they’re also pretty darn stylish. Sunglasses can tell you a lot about a man: his interests, his hobbies, and, dare we say, his life’s philosophy. Is he a maverick adventurer? An intellectual? A sportsman? Maybe he’s a bit of all three, depending on his plans for the day. 

Whatever he’s got in store, Eagle Eyes has a style to match. Our collection of men’s shades is designed to fit a wide array of faces and personalities. What’s more, every lens we manufacture has been created with original NASA Optic Technology. In other words, our glasses block enough UV radiation and harmful blue light – and provide enough visual clarity – to be worn by NASA astronauts working in space. There’s no other company that blends high style with high functionality quite like we do.

Read on for an overview and brief history of our most popular styles, and browse our selection to find your match. We’re confident we’ve got just what you’re looking for.


This distinct style was first developed for the US Air Force in the late1930s, as their distinct shape and polarized lenses (a brand-new technology of the time) maximized glare-protection for pilots’ eyes. They gained mass popularity when the era’s big movie stars began sporting them, and remain a classic today, adding an adventurous “cool factor” to any look. Check out our favorite aviator sunglass styles here.



Horn-rimmed glasses hit the market as a lightweight plastic alternative to traditional metal frames in the 1950s. Since then, these thick rectangular glasses have become an iconic representation of mid-century style, and offer a retro-cool sensibility to their wearer. Check out the Morgan, the Charlie, the Rambler, and Carbon models for club styles infused with NASA-Optic technology.



Sunglasses and outdoor sports have gone hand-in-hand since the Inuit trudged through the tundra in slatted walrus-ivory snow goggles. After all, how can you expect to perform your best if you’re blinded by the sun? Eagle Eyes carries dozens of sporty shades that protect your eyes while you keep them on the prize. View all sports styles here



Another popular style of vintage sunglasses, browline shades feature a thick ridge along – you guessed it – the browline, and slim-rimmed or rimless lenses underneath. Originally popular during the 1950s and 1960s, browline styles experienced a massive resurgence in the early 2010s, with shows like Mad Men bringing retro sunglasses back to the forefront of mainstream fashion. The style has since been re-established as a classic. The Tate, Palmer, and Park Street are some of our favorite browline styles. 



While they seem futuristic, rimless glasses date all the way back to the 1880s. At the time, glasses were not considered the stylish accessory they are today, and this design was developed to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Fast-forward 110 years, where minimalist extraordinaire Steve Jobs took the style to an unprecedented level of popularity. Today, they remain beloved in both clear and sunglass form for their lightweight comfort and versatility. Our favorite Eagle Eyes versions? Ultralite Titanium, Trax, and Jet



With their durable reflective coating, mirrored lenses have a strong, steely quality, but their usage goes beyond appearances. Their shiny glaze is especially effective in blocking light – up to 60% more than regular sunglasses. This makes them a great choice when encountering elements that reflect a lot of sunshine like water, snow, and sand. Check out our mirrored Pano-Vu, Freedom, and Hero Aviator styles.



The benefits of foldable sunglasses are obvious: they fit neatly in your pocket so you never have to worry about storing (or losing) your shades. But so many foldable styles are clunky and goofy-looking. Eagle Eyes’ foldable sunglasses are designed in a sleek, cool aviator style, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. Check out the classic Foldable Aviator and the Foldable Flash Aviator
Foldable Aviator



Get your Terminator on and sport this wide, retro-futuristic style. A little 1980s, a little 2180s, it’s a large-and-in-charge style that not only gives full coverage and protection but also turns heads and commands respect. The perfect shield shade? Our Callisto sunglasses.



Though invented in the 1940s, clip-on sunglasses really hit their stride in the minimalist ’90s, eliminating the need for a separate pair of prescription shades. Well, guess what? The ’90s are back, but with even better technology: we’ve got some cool clip-on sunglasses that work with a variety of glasses shapes. We also have fit-over sunglasses, a unique style designed to fully cover and contain your prescription glasses, all fortified with Eagle Eyes’ advanced NASA Optic lenses. Check them out here and see what suits you best.
Clip-on Universal


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