Meet Our Hero: Fire Captain Jodi Slicker

Meet Our Hero: Fire Captain Jodi Slicker

You could say that firefighting is in Jodi's blood. Jodi grew up watching her dad devote his career to fighting fires in southern California. Though she always admired him, it had never occurred to her to be a firefighter--She had never met or even heard of a female firefighter. Jodi pursued a career in healthcare instead. But in college, when she found out a female friend had enrolled at the fire academy, everything changed. There was no doubt in her mind that firefighting was the career for her.

That was 13 years ago. Today, Jodi is a fire captain at the Pasadena fire department. She's only the second female fire captain in Pasadena's 140-year history, but she says that at the end of the day, her gender doesn't matter.

"We train together. We eat together. We sleep together. We know that we have each other's backs, no matter what gender we are."

With a demanding job and a 24/7 schedule, taking care of herself is important to Jodi--and that includes protecting and expanding her vision.

When Jodi first tried our Night-Lite® technology, she couldn't believe the difference it made for late-night rescues.

"It helped tremendously... brightening everything up so you're not straining your eyes. I put them on and was like, 'Wow, I can actually see.' I'd recommend them to any firefighter."

Of course, there's more to firefighting than late night rescues. As a fire captain, Jodi has to type up comprehensive fire and EMS reports. Before trying Eagle Eyes, Jodi didn't know about blue light and the damage it can cause. Once she tried our DigiTec® glasses--and learned they were developed from original NASA optic technology--she was hooked. "With Eagle Eyes, I'm able to sit there without having to take breaks!"

In her downtime, getting outside and exercising is important to Jodi. And with blonde hair and blue eyes, Jodi is extremely careful about protecting herself from the sun's damaging rays. But she doesn't want to sacrifice style for functionality--and she loves that Eagle Eyes has both.

Considering how unpredictable fires are and how demanding her job can be, Jodi also likes that she can rely on Eagle Eyes.

"In the fire service, we're exposed to a lot of different diseases, carcinogens--things that I really can't control. But I can control the health of my eyes."

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