Presidential Eyewear: The Preferred Shades of 5 POTUSes

Presidential Eyewear: The Preferred Shades of 5 POTUSes

Every American President infuses his term with his own unique style. From FDR’s assured, resiliant demeanor to LBJ’s ferocious policy-making, to Reagan’s tenacious embrace of the free market (and jelly beans), the manner with which each POTUS has approached his office not only reflects his personality, but also his values and principals. With the world watching, even the most basic personal preferences take on symbolic significance.

The same goes for a president’s sartorial choices. And because we’re Eagle Eyes, we’re really only interested in one accessory: sunglasses. Read on to discover the preferred tinted eyewear of five modern presidents, and how their shades selections contribute to their presidential legacies. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt – Small Round Aviators

Sunglasses were pretty new on the scene when FDR came into office, and his embrace of the characteristic shape of the time conveyed a sense of optimism and perseverence in the midst of the Great Depression and on toward the Second World War. Things might be tough now, but turn and face the sun; the future is bright.

Get the FDR Look: Freedom Aviators


John F. Kennedy – Club Glasses

JFK was a cool cat, and his au courant sunglasses aligned with his sophisticated persona. Glamorous, yet pragmatic, forward-thinking, yet grounded, the club-style shades captured the dynamic sprit of the times, and of the president who wore them.

JFK-Inspired Shades: Morgan


Ronald Reagan – Light-Tint Aviators

As an actor, Reagan was often cast in patriotic cowboy roles – a persona he carried with him throughout his two-term presidency. Like any true ‘maverick,’ Reagan favored lightly tinted aviator-style shades. In fact, Reagan was a big fan of Eagle Eyes! He purchased two pairs of our shades, including a pair of stainless steel gold aviators, when he was in office (and our brand was known as Suntiger).

Reagan-esque Aviators: Explorer


George H.W. Bush – Aviator Clip-Ons

A bit more inscrutable than the Reaganite aviators, GW Senior’s choice of Clip-Ons could be said to reflect the no-nonsense attitude of our 41st president. Strong, resolute, and efficient, they’re the sunglasses of a man who spent his life in politics before assuming the nation’s highest office. Another fun fact: like President Reagan, Barbara Bush was a fan of our glasses, calling them “terrific.”

The Bush Senior Look: ClipOn Aviator


Barak Obama – Sleek and Sporty

Wherever your politics fall, you can’t deny Obama had a special abilitiy to stay cool in the face of conflict. Maybe his taste in sunglasses helped. The 44th president often opted for sleek, sporty shades that perform best under pressure.

Our pick for Obama style: Breeze