Eagle Eyes® Teams Up with Chi Chi Rodriguez to promote the new "Stay Active" Campaign

Eagle Eyes® Teams Up with Chi Chi Rodriguez to promote the new

July 15, 2014; Calabasas, CA… EAGLE EYES OPTICS, makers of high performance eyewear, has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with pro-golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez in the promotion of EAGLE EYES® 2014 “Stay Active with Eagle Eyes” Campaign.

The Stay Active Campaign is designed to bring increased awareness on the importance of preventive eye protection and proper eye care as critical factors in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. EAGLE EYES is taking their message to the growing community of people who seek maximum eye protection and vision care while enjoying their outdoor activities and is using various forms of mediums including special sporting events and social networking campaigns. As one of several key EAGLE EYES’ spokespeople, Chi Chi Rodriguez at 78 years young, exemplifies a person who lives their life to the fullest and brings home the message that “you are never too young -- or too old -- to begin taking care of your vision.”

States Chi Chi “I’ve worn EAGLE EYES® sunglasses both on and off the golf course for years now. Naturally, the game of golf requires optimum vision and hand-eye coordination and I trust EAGLE EYES® to not only protect my eyesight in various lighting conditions, but allow me to keep on top of my game with superior contrast and glare reduction benefits. I recommend these remarkable sunglasses to everyon and am most excited to be a part of EAGLE EYES’ important campaign.”

Juan Antonio “Chi Chi” Rodriguez grew up very poor in Puerto Rico and carved his first golf club from a tree branch. By age 12, he was setting personal course records and began playing the PGA Tour in 1960 and continuing on to win 8 titles between 1963- 1979. From1986 and 1993 he earned 22 tournament victories on the Senior PGA Tour with a total of 38 worldwide victories. In 1992 Chi Chi was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. A true fan favorite, Chi Chi became highly popular not only for his great and imaginative golf techniques.

Today Chi Chi is considered one of the most highly-regarded golf legends and remains active both on and off the golf course. He is noted for his dedication to children’s charities through World Class Pro-Golfer “Chi Chi’ Rodriguez wears his new Signature PRO-Master™ “Chi-Chi” Golf Glasses by Eagle Eyes® Optics both on and off the golf course his Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation. This year, Chi Chi has been appears on the media circuit with appearances on Fox News, the Golf Channel’s “Big Break Puerto Rico,” Esquire TV’s “The Getaway,” ESPN’s “Hispanic Heritage Month – One Nacion” Special and was voted as the “Best Dressed Golfer of the 60’s” by the Wall Street Journal.

The Stay Active Campaign will showcase a series of sports eyewear under the PRO-Master brand name. Chi Chi will be promoting the PRO-Master Golf Series with each style specially-designed for maximum comfort and vision-enhancement both on and off the golf course.

Research indicates that over 80% of damage to our eyes occurs before the age of 18 with a large contributing factor of over-exposure to the sun’s damaging light rays that include UVA, UVB plus vision-destroying blue-light. Studies also reveal that 85% of vision damage can be prevented through a number of factors including proper sunglass usage. These studies reveal the need for a minimum of 90% UVA, UVB plus blue-light eye protection. EAGLE EYES® polarized lenses were developed from original NASA optic technology and hold the lifetime certification seal from the prestigious Space Foundation for UV and Blue-Light Eye Protection. More recently, EAGLE EYES® lens technology was inducted into the NASA/Space Foundation “Technology Hall of Fame.”

Alan Mittelman, president and CEO of EAGLE EYES® welcomes the addition of Chi Chi to the Stay Active Campaign. States Mittelman, “We are honored to have Chi Chi Rodriguez join with our company to promote our goal of providing one of the best forms of eye protection in the marketplace. Those that wish to maintain an active, outdoor lifestyle require maximum eye protection and with the development of EAGLE EYES’new PRO-Master Series, we hope to help everyone enjoy their life to the fullest.”

EAGLE EYES will be launching their Campaign in July 2014. To learn more about EAGLE EYES® high performance eyewear and new PRO-Master™ Golf Collection, visit www.eeo.com or call 1-818-225-7765 first views of space.