Eagle Eyes® Sponsors the ENDEAVOUR Shuttle Event in Los Angeles, CA

Eagle Eyes® Sponsors the ENDEAVOUR Shuttle Event in Los Angeles, CA
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October 13, 2012 - Landing day has come for the space shuttle Endeavour, but rather than it returning to a NASA landing strip after circling the Earth, the shuttle's runway is the streets of Los Angeles leading to its museum display. The youngest of NASA's now-retired winged orbiters is set to complete its two-day and 12-mile road trip to the California Science Center (CSC) on Saturday evening (Oct. 13).

Before a crowd of tens of thousands of public spectators, Endeavour rolled up to the famous Forum where a half hour program celebrated its homecoming. Endeavour, like its sister space shuttles in NASA's former fleet, was built in Southern California and is just one of many proud examples of America's great achievements in space missions. Eagle Eyes Optics was a proud sponsor of this event donating their new ENDEAVOUR Sunglasses to participants who walked with the shuttle to its final home at the Science Center. Apollo-7 Astronaut and Eagle Eyes Advisory Board Member, Walt Cunningham took part in the festivities to honor the Endeavour and the thousands of technologies developed from these historic missions into space, such as Eagle Eyes Optics.

Apollo-7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham Discusses Eagle Eyes' Lens Technology on KABC. Click here to watch.

Apollo-7 Astronaut and Eagle Eyes' Advisory Board Member Walt Cunningham and Endeavour's last pilot Greg H. Johnson are shown here with the CEO and President of Eagle Eyes wearing Eagle Eyes' New ENDEAVOUR Sunglasses.