Eagle Eyes® Nominated to Space Foundation - NASA Technology Hall of Fame

Eagle Eyes® Nominated to Space Foundation - NASA Technology Hall of Fame

November 2009, Calabasas, CA... EAGLE EYES OPTICS announces their nomination into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Frame for their patented, polarized lens technology.  Created in 1988 by the Space Foundation and NASA, the prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame recognizes the life-changing technologies emerging from America's space programs; honors those responsible for initial research and development; and those individuals and companies that have brought their technology to the American public; creating consumer awareness and benefits to humankind.. 

EAGLE EYES OPTICS High Performance Eyewear is manufactured utilizing patented, polarized lenses developed from original NASA Optic Technology.  These dual-action lenses selectively filter out UVA, UVB and blue-light while allowing in vision-enhancing light rays. "As we approach our 25th year in business, we are most honored to receive this nomination", states Alan Mittelman, CEO and President of the company. 

Past honorees of the Space Foundation's Hall of Fame have included LASIK eye surgery, Debakey Blood Pump, the automatic external defibrillator, non-invasive breast biopsy technology, MRI and CAT scan imaging, implantable pacemakers and hearing aids. EAGLE EYES carries a full line of optical eyewear styles in over 80 styles.  "Our products cross the bridge of form plus function, states Mittelman, "and we have long been proud as being recognized as the brand "built on science". Our goal for 25 years has been to promote healthy eyesight to as many people as possible and we are most proud to be in the company of those who have worked so hard in promoting NASA-inspired technology to consumers worldwide."

For More Information on the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame, visit: www.spacefoundation.org.

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