Eagle Eyes® - Makers of the “The Original” Blue-Light Blocking Lens Introduces Two Advanced Lens Systems

Eagle Eyes® - Makers of the “The Original” Blue-Light Blocking Lens Introduces Two Advanced Lens Systems
new eagle eyes polarized trilenium

May 2013 - Calabasas, California
Eagle Eyes® Optics has introduced two new advanced lens systems into their line of TriLenium® ultra-violet and blue-light blocking sunglass collection.  Both the TriLenium®-7 and TriLenium®10 lens systems maintain Eagle Eyes® original and award-winning triple-filter polarization, but now have the added features of 2X Scratch-Guard™, HydroPel™ and Oleo-X™ Coating to repel scratches, smudges, fingerprints, water and fog.  TriLenium®-10 goes even further with Glare-X™ Anti-Reflective Coating to help reduce eyestrain and enhance visual acuity. 

Eagle Eyes® TriLenium® Lenses were developed from original NASA optic technology and are the only sunglass lenses recognized and certified by the Space Foundation for UV and Blue-Light Eye Protection.  In addition, Eagle Eyes® lens technology was recently inducted into the NASA/Space Foundation “Technology Hall of Fame” after being recognized for its numerous protective and vision-enhancing benefits to the human eye.    

Eagle Eyes® have satisfied the need for 100% UVA, UVB -- plus blue-light eye protection -- for over two decades.  With the introduction of our new advanced TriLenium® Lens Systems, we can now offer consumers even more features and benefits to meet their personal and active outdoor lifestyles” states Alan Mittelman, founder, CEO and President of Eagle Eyes® Optics.

Advanced research continues to reveal the importance of human eye protection against the vision-destroying effects of UVA, UVB in addition to blue-light.  Over-exposure to blue-light can silently ravage the photo-receptor cells within the eyes’ retinas over the course of years and can cause a host of vision-destroying maladies and diseases including premature and age-related macular degeneration.   The sun is not the only source of blue-light, however, and today, our eyes are exposed to blue-light indoors from computer and TV screens and LED light used in almost every electronic device we use today.  Eagle Eyes® blue-light blocking lens filters are offered in an array of glasses designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

For more information on Eagle Eyes® - The Original Blue-Light Sunglass, please visit www.eagleeyesoptics.com or call the company direct at 818-225-7765.