Eagle Eyes® Apollo-7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham Joins Eagle Eyes® in 2009-10 Space Campaign

Eagle Eyes® Apollo-7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham Joins Eagle Eyes® in 2009-10 Space Campaign


March 2010, Calabasas, CA… EAGLE EYES OPTICS has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Astronaut Walter Cunningham in the promotion of Eagle Eye’s 2010-11.


In 2006, EAGLE EYES OPTICS was recognized and awarded a Lifetime Technology Certification by the prestigious Space Foundation based in Colorado. Today, EAGLE EYES is the only sunglass lens certified by the Space Foundation for UVR and blue-light protection. On the heels of NASA's 50th Golden Anniversary and America's 40th Anniversary of the first man to set foot on the moon, EAGLE EYES has recently announced their induction into the Space Foundation 2010 Technology Hall of Fame. Developed from original NASA optic technology, EAGLE EYES offers advanced eye protection and vision enhancement to consumers around the world.


From 1968 to 1972, NASA's Apollo Astronauts greatly expanded our knowledge and appreciation of the solar system and our universe by testing out new spacecraft and travelling to uncharted destinations. Walt Cunningham was one of the first three groups of astronauts selected by NASA in October 1963. On October 11, 1968, he occupied the lunar module pilot seat for the eleven-day, 263-hour, 4-1/2 million mile, 163-orbit flight of Apollo 7. Cunningham, along with Astronauts Walter Schirra and Don Eisele, beamed live telecasts from orbit, giving millions of people around the world their first views of earth and space.


As an astronaut and physicist, Cunningham has been instrumental in revealing new discoveries about solar radiation and the earth's magnetosphere and today is involved in numerous ventures in advanced technologies. His hobbies include tennis, among several other sports activities. His book, "The All-American Boys" recounts his experiences as an astronaut.


States Cunningham... "I've long maintained an appreciation for those technologies developed from space explorations that have and continue to benefit human-kind. EAGLE EYES High Performance Eyewear represents a fine example of state-of-the-art Space-Transfer-Technology that has afforded millions here on Earth the maximum eye protection they need from harmful solar radiation. I’ve long worn the Eagle Eyes brand of sunglasses and can attest to its superb capabilities in eye protection, glare reduction and enhancement of visual acuity."


Alan Mittelman, president and CEO of SunTiger, Inc, dba EAGLE EYES OPTICS welcomes the addition of Mr. Cunningham to its campaign. "We are both humbled and honored to have Walt join the Eagle Eyes team! It has long been our goal to protect and benefit the eyesight of millions across the world. Through Walt’s vast knowledge in the field of physics and technology development, and his years of honored achievements in space, we are truly excited to begin the new year with Walt aboard.” EAGLE EYES will be launching their Campaign in June 2009 and continue through 2010. To learn more about EAGLE EYES, visit www.eagleeyes-apollogold.com and http://www.spacefoundation.org.