2 FitOn® 2in1 Eyewear System

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Your prescription glasses don’t stop working when the sun sets – and neither should any other eye protection. Our new Speed of Life™ 2in1 FitOn® system gives you two cutting-edge lens technologies in one frame that fits effortlessly over your prescription glasses. Protecting, enhancing and expanding your vision all day and night has never been easier.


One high-quality frame, two groundbreaking lens technologies, and hours of vision protection and enhancement – without compromising your prescription. That’s what you get with our new Speed of Life™ 2in1 FitOn® system.

Crafted with lightweight but durable TR-90 and designed for the express purpose of fitting seamlessly over your prescription lenses, the 2in1 FitOn® base frame features our exclusive Night-Lite™ lens technology. Ideal for night driving, evening games or concerts, nighttime strolls and much more, these non-polarized, micro-infused yellow lenses enhance clarity and definition at night while softening harsh lights like headlights, floodlights and LED signage.

During the daytime, simply attach our magnetized TriLenium® polarized lenses to your base frame to seamlessly transform your nighttime eye protection into powerful, UV-fighting sunglasses. Made with original NASA optic technology, these TriLenium® polarized lenses block scattered blue light and 99.9% of harmful UV radiation. They also enhance colors and definition and cut glare – making them the ideal companion for any daytime activity.

If you’re ready to protect, enhance and expand your vision 24/7, order the trendy Speed of Life™ 2in1 FitOn system today. In addition to two innovative lens technologies in one frame, the system also includes detachable day and night shields for the sides of your frames to minimize side light and glare and maximize your peripheral protection. We’ll also include a compartmentalized microfiber cleaning pouch that doubles as convenient storage, and a pair of GripOns™ silicone ear pieces to ensure long-lasting comfort and performance.

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