2 Classic 2in1 Eyewear System

(Limited Time Only)




You don’t stop when the sun sets – and neither should your eyewear. Our new Speed of Life™ 2in1 Classic system gives you two groundbreaking lens technologies in one stylish, lightweight frame – making it easier than ever to protect, enhance and expand your vision, any time of day or night.


One stylish, high-quality frame; two cutting-edge lens technologies; and hours of vision protection and enhancement.

The contemporary and versatile base frame of our new Speed of Life™ 2in1 Classic system is crafted with lightweight but durable TR-90. The frame features our exclusive Night-Lite™ lens technology, which uses micro-infused, non-polarized yellow lenses to enhance clarity and definition at night. Perfect for night driving, evening games or concerts, nighttime strolls and much more, our Night-Lite™ lenses are specially designed to soften harsh lights in the dark – including headlights, floodlights, LED signage and other bright lights – so that you can focus on what’s important.

During the day, simply attach our magnetized TriLenium® polarized lenses to your base frame to seamlessly transform your nighttime lenses into powerful, UV-fighting sunglasses. Made with original NASA optic technology, these TriLenium® polarized lenses block scattered blue light and 99.9% of harmful UV radiation while simultaneously enhancing colors and definition. Their anti-reflective coating minimizes glare, making these shades the ideal companion for any daytime activity.

If you’re ready to protect, enhance and expand your vision 24/7, order the Speed of Life™ 2in1 Classic system today. In addition to getting two groundbreaking lens technologies in one, you’ll also receive a compartmentalized microfiber pouch for cleaning and storing your eyewear, as well as a pair of GripOns™ silicone ear pieces to ensure that your eyewear stays on (and stays comfortable) for hours at a time.

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