Home page "promo section" examples

This page shows different examples of easy layouts for the home page promo section. This "promo section" goes on the home page right below the hero video and red "ticker" bar.

This is an optional pre-heading

30% off Veterans Day Sale

This is some other text that can go here and explain something else for the promo.

Optional pre-header

Cyber Monday Savings

50% Off Nearly Everything



These next blocks CANNOT be replicated on the home page unfortunately :(

Use this section for any descriptive text you need to fill out your pages or to add introductory headings between other blocks.

This is an example of
text over hero image

This is the subheading

This text block can be place in nine different places

Top-left, Top-center, Top-right, Center-left, Center-center, Center-right, Bottom-left, Bottom-center, or Bottom-right