More Than Just a Job
For Jessica and Thousands Like Her, Nursing Isn’t Just a Job; It’s a Calling.

When Jessica began her nursing training, she didn’t know she’d end up in one of the profession’s most emotionally demanding specialties: caring for critically ill children in one of the country’s top-ranked hospitals.

“We all start nursing because we want to care for people,” says Jessica.

Nurses can choose to work in a huge range of facilities and situations, but for Jessica, the bigger the challenge, the more appeal it held. A volleyball scholarship helped pay for Jessica’s bachelor’s in nursing, and then she went on to earn advanced certifications in resuscitating pediatric and adult patients, as well as assessing and treating stroke patients.

That led to Jessica’s current career in nursing, where she works in two high-stakes scenarios: the emergency department and the pediatric ICU. In both, Jessica and her colleagues work closely together to make decisions that can save the lives of patients needing critical care.

Jessica admits that she’s chosen a demanding career, but the rewards can’t be beat.

“It’s all worth it when a four-year old comes back to the unit to say ‘thanks’ after finally getting to go home and play with his siblings.”

The Value of Eye Protection

When the COVID-19 crisis hit in early 2020, the profession of nursing changed forever. Jessica and thousands of healthcare workers like her weren’t just fighting the pandemic in others — they were risking their own health, and in some cases risking their lives in order to care for patients with the virus.

It also highlighted the value of eye protection, as healthcare workers wore protective eyewear, goggles and full-face shields while caring for patients with COVID-19.

“Just like we use eye protection in a healthcare setting, it’s important to protect your vision from things like UV and blue-light damage in everyday light.”

Digital Eye Protection for a Digital World

Nurses like Jessica use screens every day in the hospital: Checking vitals. Making records in patient charts. Reviewing critical data that can be the basis of life-and-death decisions.

That’s why Jessica is a big fan of Eagle Eyes digital eye protection and DigiTec® lenses. They work to eliminate blue light, fight eye fatigue and reduce glare — all things that help Jessica focus on her critical work.

Whether they're fighting five-alarm fires, helping former prisoners start a new life, educating the next generation, or performing lifesaving surgery in the ER, Eagle Eyes real-life heroes are making the world a better place every single day.
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