Not many people start off in the military, transition to law enforcement…and then end up transforming the lives of ex-prisoners, gang members, and homeless youth. But nothing about Clyde Terry is typical.

WITH A GENEROUS LAUGH, kind eyes, and an easygoing charisma, it’s not immediately clear that Clyde Terry spent most of his career serving in the military and law enforcement. But when he puts on his old uniform, he transforms into a strong, sturdy pillar of quiet strength.

Clyde’s story has many parts—but each is steeped in honor and heroism. Beginning in 1981, Clyde served in the United States Marine Corps for a decade. In 1991, Clyde moved to Southern California and joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy.

He quickly became a gang investigator, and it didn’t take long for his dedication, intelligence and calm under pressure to bring him to undercover work in organized crime, including two years in an FBI Task Force.

Clyde served the city of Los Angeles as a Sheriff’s Deputy for 25 years. In 2003, he took a leave of absence to take a position in Iraq as an International Police Adviser for the State Department.

Soon after returning home from Iraq, Clyde decided that he wanted to serve the community in a different way—by helping people become productive and content members of society. For nearly ten years, Clyde has served as the director of the Emerging Leaders Academy, a nonprofit that empowers former prisoners, gang members and homeless youth through guidance, mentoring, and training.

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"We don’t get to pick the battle fields. We adapt to them. And Eagle Eyes glasses help you adapt moment to moment."

- Clyde Terry


When we heard about Clyde and the years he has devoted to serving other Americans, we immediately wanted to help. And what better way to help a visionary than by helping to protect his vision?

As the director of the Emerging Leaders Academy, Clyde spends a significant amount of time driving between locations and planning lessons and events—work that relies heavily on his vision. We gave him three different advanced optic technologies so he can enhance his vision while he works to enhance his community.

"I've had people say to me, "You don't wear glasses." I go, 'I do now.' "

- Clyde Terry


A nonprofit that provides the tools for self-empowerment through guidance, mentoring, and training.

The Emerging Leaders Academy focuses on providing leadership skills, entrepreneurship opportunities, employment resources, financial education, legal help and a support network to ex-prisoners, gang members, and homeless youth.

To date, 77% of the program participants have successfully reintegrated into society and remained crime-free and out of jail. Many have returned to school to obtain their high school diplomas or GEDs, and many others have enrolled in college.

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Whether they're fighting five-alarm fires, helping former prisoners start a new life, educating the next generation, or performing lifesaving surgery in the ER, Eagle Eyes real-life heroes are making the world a better place every single day.

Meet these inspirational men and women—and find out how Eagle Eyes advanced optic technology is helping them do their heroic work even better.

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