Grilamid® Tr - 90

You already turn to Eagle Eyes Optics® for our superior lens technology, but what about our frames? If you want innovative materials to surround your specialty lenses, look no further than our collection of Grilamid® TR-90 frames.

Frames That Fit Your Life

Why does it matter what kind of frames you wear? Some glasses are better suited to office work, lounging at home or driving your car. They work fine for everyday living, but not for more adventurous activities.

If you play hard, you need robust frames that can take a beating. Our Grilamid® TR-90 frames pair perfectly for your rugged excursions and pursuits. Made of a plastic polymer with a metal core, these frames deliver unparalleled durability.

Benefits of Grilamid® TR-90 Frames

Not all frames are created equal, so it's best to have glasses made of strong materials that can stand up to whatever you dish out. Grilamid® TR-90 frames are incredibly lightweight, so they won't get heavy or uncomfortable after wearing them all day.

The material's durability also makes them resistant to stress, including extreme temperatures and cracking. If you've ever dropped your glasses, you know that it does not take much to break a pair of frames. Our Grilamid® TR-90 frames can handle more wear and tear than the average glasses.

Eagle Eyes Optics® offers Grilamid® TR-90 frames in a range of styles to go with your groove, including our retro Charlie, classic Aviator or bold Magellan models. We also have sporty frames and 3-in-1interchangeable magnetic eyewear systems for greater versatility.

Order our Grilamid® TR-90 frames with specialty lenses, and don't forget our other superior frame materials, including aluminum and titanium alloy, for quality that you can count on at Eagle Eyes Optics.