Nuestros revolucionarios sistemas de gafas magnéticas le dan múltiples tecnologías de lentes innovadoras en una sola plataforma elegante.

Our customers appreciate our advanced optic technology and the many choices they have. With four different lenses that enhance your vision, you may not know how to narrow down your options.

Get ready to be impressed because Eagle Eyes Optics® has another solution when you can't decide. Our magnetic frame systems allow you to change your lenses just by stacking a new pair atop the base.

Clever Convenience

Instead of carrying and switching a handful of glasses, our frame systems magnetically attach a new set of lenses to the base frame. We have 2-, 3- and 4-in-1 systems to give you the benefits you need.

Our lenses fit inside a zippered carrying case that you can tuck into your glove box, gym bag or briefcase to adapt your frames to your environment. We offer several styles and frame materials, including Grilamid® TR-90 and Techlon®, that are lightweight and durable.

Lenses With a Purpose

With our magnetic eyewear systems, you can choose which version has the lens benefits you want. Want glasses to reduce digital eye strain? Our clear DigiTec® fits the bill. Need assistance with low-light or nighttime driving? Consider our StimuLight® or Night-Lite® lenses.

And of course, don't forget about our TriLenium® lenses, which use NASA technology to block blue light and UV rays. You can see why our customers love having a multi-lens eyewear option that can adjust to your individual vision needs.

Our 4-in-1 systems come with each of our signature lens technologies, but if you don't need all four, consider our 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 versions. We even have sporty options that fit right into your active lifestyle. Shop our selection to see which eyewear system is right for you.