Having trouble seeing in low light can be a gradual problem. It can start with blurry vision when driving at dusk or difficulty reading a menu in a romantically lit restaurant. Before you know it, you may avoid environments where the low lighting impacts your ability to perform routine tasks.

Eagle Eyes Optics® has a solution for your dim-lighting mystery: our Stimulight® low-lighting boosters can improve your clarity and contrast to see better. Keep a pair of these glasses or attachments at home, in the car or at the office to give your vision a boost whenever low light presents a challenge.

Clarity on a Cloudy Day

Inclement weather such as rain, fog or haze is not easy for even the sharpest eyes to see through. Add to that the low light right before sunrise or sunset, and you can realize just how often dim lighting may affect you.

Of course, low light is not just an outside issue. Reading in bed, watching television with the lights off or transitioning from natural light outside to ambient lighting can also impact your vision.

An Easy and Affordable Answer

Instead of squinting and giving yourself a headache, treat yourself to Stimulight® glasses to help you see in any low-light setting. Our innovative micro-infused amber lenses amplify definition and clarity to make your vision clearer and help you distinguish objects.

Using our Stimulight® glasses when you drive in less-than-perfect weather or at dusk and dawn makes you a safer, more aware driver whenever you take the wheel. Wear them inside to prevent headaches and eye fatigue that often go along with straining to see.

Choose from several styles of Stimulight® glasses, including clip-ons and overglasses, to give your vision the boost it needs in dim light.