Equipo de seguridad

Eye injuries can happen in an instant, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Take precautions by stocking up on top-quality face shields and safety goggles from Eagle Eyes Optics®.

We offer a range of safety gear to suit any environment or need. Whether you need a basic safety goggle for your student's laboratory science class or want a top-of-the-line goggle/face shield combination with a built-in filtration system, you can find what you're looking for at Eagle Eyes.

Safety Goggles for Everyone

Think of all the times on the job or at home that you could have benefitted from safety gear. Government regulations require anyone working with hazardous chemicals or materials to wear eye protection.

People in healthcare, laboratory, manufacturing and industrial environments are often required to have goggles or face shields. Other trades such as construction or mechanical work also must wear safety gear to prevent eye injuries.

You may want a spare pair of safety goggles at home when you do yard work or home-improvement projects. Even some sports like squash and racquetball can put your eyes at risk, but with a pair of study goggles, you can see clearly and avoid injury.

The Right Level of Protection for You

If you wear face shield or safety goggles all day at work, you may want to upgrade with PanoShield™ technology and a built-in fan and electronic filtration system for fog-free protection that fits comfortably over your glasses.

Our face shields meet ANSI Z87.1 compliance and feature high-grade polycarbonate protection with anti-fog and anti-scratch protective coatings for more durability. You can also choose different lenses for nighttime use or sun protection.

Consider stocking up with one of our multi-pack options. That way, effective eye protection is available whenever you need it.