Have you ever wondered why sunglasses and eyeglasses come in so many different shapes and styles? The reason is quite simple; not everyone likes the same thing. Even subtle differences in frames can mean the difference between loving and hating your glasses.

Some people don't like the way they look in glasses. Others may want frames that are so lightweight they do not even know they are wearing any.

Eagle Eyes Optics® understands that different folks like different strokes. For our customers who do not want their glasses to define their appearance, we have rimless glasses, sunglasses and clip-on attachments.

Why Go Rimless?

Can you imagine if the world only had one style of eyeglass frames? Everyone, including young children, would lose their sense of identity. For every person who loves a big, chunky, colorful frame, there is another person who would rather not have any frames at all.

Rimless glasses are comfortable, and they do not hide your gorgeous eyes or interfere with your natural good looks. They also do not obstruct your peripheral vision the way that larger or oversized frames can. Lightweight, better vision and practically invisible: who knew minimalism could deliver so much?

Shapes and Sizes

Even without traditional metal or plastic frames, you still want to select your own glass style. With our rimless sunglasses and glasses, you can choose from Ultralite® high-strength glasses or our high-performance 180° Shield model for sports and active adventures.

It doesn't matter which rimless glasses you choose because you can still decide what specialty lenses to put in them. You get all the benefits of our advanced optic technology with modern rimless style. You just can't go wrong with rimless glasses from Eagle Eyes Optics®!