Gafas de conducción nocturna

Nuestras gafas de conducción nocturnas Night-Lite® filtran el deslumbramiento de alta intensidad de los coches que se aproximan, las luces de la calle y las vallas publicitarias, a la vez que mejoran la claridad y la agudeza visual para la conducción nocturna.

Driving at night is challenging, even for people who do not have prescription glasses. Dark roads and bright lights from oncoming traffic or road signs can be disorienting. Instead of avoiding nighttime driving, try Night-Lite® anti-glare driving glasses from Eagle Eyes Optics®.

Advanced Technology for Clearer Vision

If you have to squint to see while driving after dark, you know how tired your eyes can get after even a short commute. Some people who have trouble with nighttime driving even limit their activities and lifestyle to avoid going out after sunset.

Our innovative Night-Lite® optical technology filters any high-intensity glare that can distort your vision at night. With enhanced clarity, you can distinguish objects and drive with confidence. These non-polarized yellow-tinted lenses can give you sharper vision to help you distinguish shapes and light when driving in the dark.

Ultimately, night vision problems are more than an inconvenience; they are also a safety issue. If you can see clearer on the road, you can avoid hazards and stay safe. Not only that, but you can also maintain your freedom of movement to get out and enjoy life any time of day or night.

Style That Let You See for Miles

Eagle Eyes Optics® is all about choices that improve your vision and quality of life. Our customers appreciate our impressive selection of Night-Lite® glasses and attachments to suit any lifestyle and taste. We offer our yellow-colored lenses in classic styles, such as aviator frames or more contemporary versions, like our UltraLite® rimless or sports glasses.

We even have clip-on attachments and FitOn® overglasses to work with your current prescription glasses. Be sure to check out our eyewear systems with magnetic frames that allow you to switch specialty lenses to fit your needs.