Fit Over & Gafas de sol recortadas

Prescription glasses and contacts can get quite complicated, especially as your vision changes over time. Your first visual problems may have been run-of-the-mill nearsightedness or astigmatism.

Now, you may find yourself dealing with problems reading up close, driving at night or trouble with headaches after a long day in front of your computer screen. Bifocal and multifocal lenses can only do so much to fix your visual challenges, but what if they are not enough?

Eagle Eyes Optics® has the solution. With our FitOn® and ClipOn glasses, you can enjoy the benefits of vision correction without the headache of juggling multiple pairs of frames. Our attachments and overglasses enhance what your prescription lenses address by giving you other benefits you may not have with traditional eyeglass coatings.

Choose Your Lens Enhancements

We understand that each person's vision is unique, and that's why we offer our FitOn®s and ClipOns with innovative technology to address your needs.

For instance, night vision challenges can do well with our Night-Lite® lenses to filter glare and soften harsh lighting, while DigiTec® lenses are ideal for fighting tired eyes from lots of screen time. You can even get several pairs to use as needed throughout the day or evening.

Wear Over or Clip On

Look through our selection of FitOn® and ClipOn styles to see what suits you best. Our FitOn® frames fit comfortably over your prescription glasses to give your eyes a helping hand. We even have a more modern shape for a sophisticated look with the convenience of an overglass.

If you prefer the flexibility of a clip-on attachment, choose a style of ClipOns that complement your prescription frame shape. We have traditional, aviator-style and even mirrored ClipOn lenses that attach at the bridge of your glasses.